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DITC Ent. – Come and Get Me (Prod. by Showbiz)

New song by the D.I.T.C. future talented rhymers from the south bronx! Sadly we have to report that member Tashane has passed away, a big rip and my condolence to his close onces. You can hear him spit on the next new song together with A. Bless, Majestic Gauge & A.G., check it out:

DITC Ent. – Come and Get Me (Prod. by Showbiz) (Mixed by DJ Premier)

rip tashane!

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10 Responses to “DITC Ent. – Come and Get Me (Prod. by Showbiz)”

  • Comment from royneil mccullen

    had to leave a comment for this on this one of those joints where I really focused on the lyrics cause the beat is stripped down and not overly produced but still gully these
    dudes is straight lava show keep up the production AG keep guilding them I can see me copping the LP easy at this rate
    ight lava

  • Comment from Seven-Nine

    Sorry but this is so damn weak. What these guys gots to do with the legendary DITC? This A.Bless tries to sound like Party Arty? What a biting b***h! Ok, Showbiz onna flat beat, AG with some meaningless rhymes that clearly prove he is soooo long past his musical zenith….

    This has NOTHING to do with the legacy… Its just wack. Sorry but that has to be told, I cant stand these legendary crews trying to do hard hitin beats now on their new software samplers or plastic MPC 2500. Go back to what you used to do, do it like you used to do it.

    I do respect their work and their status, but its just a shame seeing these people flattering old legends for wack ass productions nowerdays…

  • Comment from cardan

    Damn R.I.P Tashane

  • Comment from mick

    showbiz beats have sucked since the late 90’s

  • Comment from terrytee

    U new jacks make laugh, show was dope in the 90’s and still dope in 2013.

    R.I.P Tashane!

  • Comment from Vandellish

    This track is SUPER boring!!! This sounds like a skippable album cut. Showbiz can do waaay better than this. Try again y’all.

  • Comment from andy

    Nah I get what show was doing here, this shit is sinister as fuck

  • Comment from deenc

    Yall mufuckas buggin…this shit goes HARD!!! Straight beats and lyrics!! Long live the D.I.T.C and the legend ShowBiz with the banging track

  • Comment from WSJ

    The beat was obviously designed to let the artists shine. That’s what producers do.


  • Comment from Influence Getem

    Regardless of the negative feedback, I commend you all. The concept, the track, the artists, the lyrics, all official. Of course there won’t ever be a DITC like before but let’s not knock AG and Showbiz for trying to keep the movement alive, and continue to contribute to Hip Hop, we need whatever they decide to push out because of the already brainwashed communities that’s used to garbage. This is Hip Hop, not that watered down dance music for kids that reigns supreme over the airwaves. I seriously can’t believe some of the comments. Why knock a brotha that’s a fkn legend that’s trying to survive, back the brothers instead. I guess you’d rather see them locked up for robbing, hustling, or putting holes in you or your mans and them for that wallet. These cats wouldn’t know lyrics from a hole in a wall. Salute.. Influence Getem.. AyAk Family.. LoLifes.. 2L’s

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