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DJ Premier Working with Singer Miguel

Never heard of the guy but it seems he’s a talented singer from the States, curious about it (always love the rnb productions from Premo). But wait, many people -including me- actually will remember him from something:


Thanks to for the heads up!

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3 Responses to “DJ Premier Working with Singer Miguel”

  • Comment from Realtalk

    What’s hilarious is I always focused on the one chick he leg dropped in the video, but if you pay attention, he actually wrecked 2 chicks, looks like he busted the nose on the chick on the right as well! takes a sec to look at the leg dropped chick, then hits his high note.

  • Comment from Dick B

    Should be a good collab for Premier. Would rather see him do collabs with R&B singers than rapidly aging rappers.

  • Comment from AB

    He landed on that girls arm! Pretty risky with all the stunts, very entertaining though. Should make some waves as long as he doesn’t kill a fan.

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