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DJ Premier Working with Christina Aguilera Again

In a new interview with the Australian magazine Rip It Up DJ Premier give us some updates who he’s working with:

What else is cooking?
I just did a record with Ed Sheeran. We did some cool stuff – we were just experimenting in the studio, but it came out really good – so we got that going… I’m getting into the pop world again. I’ve started working with a group called Rizzle Kicks, who are very popular overseas – we did some cool stuff – and then I’m starting to work on Christina Aguilera’s [new] stuff.

There was talk of a final GangStarr album. Is that still coming?
Yeah – we’re waiting for a few things to get cleared. You know, [Elam’s] estate is finally straightened out and it belongs to his son, his 13-year-old son. His mother manages [the estate] ’cause he’s still too young – but she’s a great mother and she’s a really great person… We’ll wait until all the tapes and masters are gathered up – I have a lot of the masters already, but we have a lotta stuff. I gotta [go] through and listen to ’em, and listen to all those old DATs we found in [Elam’s] house, when we cleaned his house out, and all that stuff. So I’ve gotta go through all of those and see if there’s any vocals that we didn’t use before and just see what can be used towards doing a proper album – and then, of course, get Jeru (The Damaja) and Group Home and Big Shug and other [GangStarr] Foundation members to add on to it to make it all complete.”

Rizzle Kicks from England? Cool!


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