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Bars in the Booth: Bumpy Knuckles (Session 6)

M.O.P. – Heistmasters (Still At It) (Prod. by DJ Skizz) (Scratches by DJ Premier)

From the upcoming M.O.P. EP “Street Certified”, I’ve heard the version on the EP will be without the scratches. This is was M.O.P. has to say about it:

Billy Danze: You know, that’s traditional M.O.P. We want to make sure we keep everybody in tune even though we’ve come of age now and we’re getting a little bit older in the game, that’s our background. That’s how we ate for years. Like, we literally had to go out and take it to eat. So that’s what we did. It’s that M.O.P. thing, man. It’s that “Ante Up.” And a lot of times it’s not about take like “take what you have off.” It’s about “Ante Up,” like, ante up those props. Give us what we deserve.

Lil’ Fame: I went to my boy’s crib (DJ Skid) to do some other shit and he wound up playing that beat. What I like about walking in my boy Skid’s crib, he always got something on the machine that he just made. I always just press a button and that joint was playing. Heist Masters was just a story about what we used to do before we started rapping, about robbery and shit like that. I put the story together and we ran with that shit.

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