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Nas States that Premo Does Not Realize How Iconic His Craft Is

Nas recently discussed his admiration and love for longtime friend DJ Premier and dished on just how great of a music producer he is in an ever-changing rap game.

Nas stated that, Premo does not realize how iconic his craft is.

“I would say outside of Gang Starr, I kind of opened up those flood gates because after I worked with him, he did Biggie, he did Jay [Z], so, right around in that same period, it wasn’t just Gang Starr and KRS-One, he also had the new guys coming in. He had me, Big and then Jay. So he was our sound. He was the sound of hip-hop.

I don’t even know if Premier knows it – I don’t even think he knows how incredible he is. … Behind closed doors, when it’s just him, I don’t know if he really gets how incredible he is. It’s just how he is. He’s always trying to strive for perfection, in my opinion.” (BBC Radio 1)

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