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Gang Starr Foundation – Three Evil Masters (Prod. by ESZU)



Torii Wolf – Body (Prod. by araabMUZIK) (Music Video)


MC Eiht – Run The Blocc (Feat. Young MayLay) (DJ Premier Remix) CDQ

DJ Premier stated to XXL “Runn The Blocc” was originally done as a freestyle joint 2 years ago over the same track as Black Moon’s “Who Got The Props”. I’m a huge fan of Young MayLAy from the west coast and he can spit. So when we finished mixing the album, I wanted to keep the lyrics and put a brand new beat to it so that it sounded like a whole new song.”

MC Eiht chimed in to XXL with his own comments “When I originally got the beat from Brenk (Sinatra), rather then do something that glorified hustling, I wanted to drop something more along the story-line of how it’s so stressful in the streets. Then Premier sent MayLAy and I a beat and it just fit my vision of how the game used to be perfectly; knowing hustling is still a necessary evil and having to deal with everything that comes with it. Preemo heard the final product and said it needed to be on the album; so now its official.”

Ow shit, MC Eiht forever!! How long do we (still) have to wait?! Young Maylay did the voice of CJ in the already legendary game GTA:SA 😉 And also did a very PHAT track with Premo back in 2k10 called “Temptation” for the “Get Used To Us” project:


DMC & DJ Premier Does Knicks 2016-17 Anthem

In an interview with Complex Magazine DMC revealed he worked with DJ Premier for the new Knicks Anthem! Check check:

That shirt you’re wearing [a Run-NYC Knicks shirt] is awesome.
You wanna hear something cool?

Tell me.
Me and DJ Premier just did the new Knicks anthem.

YES. And it’s New York City. It ain’t no EDM, it ain’t no pop music.

Is that dropping soon?
It’s dropping very soon. Just got the final thing. It’s KILLA.

[Starts rapping.] DMC is on the mic, and Preem is on the mix /

That’s all I gotta say. It’s real tough. It was my first time working with DJ Premier. It’s the New York Knicks new anthem. It’s hard.

[Starts rapping.] The attitude and the mood is New York / Nobody can do it like New York / This is how we do it in New York / So let’s show ‘em how we do it in New York / Let’s go!

Is that a sample of what’s to come?

Yeah. And then the beat drops and it’s over.


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Torii Wolf – Shadows Crawl (Open Eyes DJ Premier Remix) (Feat. Rapsody)

Real DJ’s do real things and just as he did with Torii’s first single, the aptly-titled “1st,” by getting Dilated Peoples to hop on the remix, he and Torii have tapped another fast-rising star in Jamla/Roc Nation’s Rapsody for a remix of “Shadows Crawl.” “I felt Rapsody fit the picture perfectly” DJ Premier relayed to Pigeons & Planes. “Of course to make it complete, I threw in some scratches in the intro for the underground DJ’s so we always have that representation.” In her comments to Pigeons & Planes, Torii was very eager to hear where Rapsody would take the remix “I was very excited to work with Rapsody and to hear what she could do with this and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. Rapsody adds an entirely new vibe to the record and fully emulated the concept of the song in her own unique way and voice. Her flow tells a story so inline with what I wrote about. I’m honored to be working with such incredible people and artists.”

Rapsody obviously enjoyed playing with the concept of the track, as she stated “I had fun working on this. I thought the concept was creative, so I just wanted to expand on the idea of having these inner secrets of loving someone else and that coming out in the middle of the night; talking in your sleep—laying next to your lover. I love the song and really enjoyed working with Torii, her sound is so unique. Her and Preemo sound so dope together. I was happy to be a part of it all.”

A hip-hop king who has a habit of contributing and producing historic projects behind the boards, mixed with Torii Wolf’s full clip of moods, range, and vast musical talent. What’s not to like? Torii and Premier’s collaborative union bum-rushes the walls of genre, age, and expectations to let the world know there’s a Flow Riiot going on.