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MC Eiht – Run The Blocc (Feat. Young MayLay) (DJ Premier Remix) CDQ

DJ Premier stated to XXL “Runn The Blocc” was originally done as a freestyle joint 2 years ago over the same track as Black Moon’s “Who Got The Props”. I’m a huge fan of Young MayLAy from the west coast and he can spit. So when we finished mixing the album, I wanted to keep the lyrics and put a brand new beat to it so that it sounded like a whole new song.”

MC Eiht chimed in to XXL with his own comments “When I originally got the beat from Brenk (Sinatra), rather then do something that glorified hustling, I wanted to drop something more along the story-line of how it’s so stressful in the streets. Then Premier sent MayLAy and I a beat and it just fit my vision of how the game used to be perfectly; knowing hustling is still a necessary evil and having to deal with everything that comes with it. Preemo heard the final product and said it needed to be on the album; so now its official.”

Ow shit, MC Eiht forever!! How long do we (still) have to wait?! Young Maylay did the voice of CJ in the already legendary game GTA:SA 😉 And also did a very PHAT track with Premo back in 2k10 called “Temptation” for the “Get Used To Us” project:


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