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Miguel – 2 Lovin’ U (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

Aaah finally!! There’s some history behind this track, back in 2k14 Premo worked with Miguel on some tracks for his new album. The song they’ve created was called “Damned”… When the next album of Miguel dropped in 2k15 we were looking for that track… But nowhere to be found, until the song appeared on the Deluxe Version of the album. Alright alright… but when I bought it… no… it wasn’t a Premier beat. Very sad, almost depressed, I thought I would never hear the song. Well people, 3 years later, it’s here! Going to be released on February 21, 2k17 under the title “2 Lovin’ U” but basically it’s just the original version of “Damned” as you will hear. Already leaked a week ago but now it can go officially:

Still lovin’ this: