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Malachi the Nutcracker released from jail, new Group Home album “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” announced

Group Home is widely considered one of the most important groups to come out of hip-hop’s revered “golden age.” Recognized as origina­tors in the culture, Group Home (cumulative career scans over 350,000 units), have proven over their 20 + year career that they are a force to be reckoned with. After his 2008 solo album “I.A.DAP,” Lil Dap returns with Melachi The Nutcracker to pay tribute to his longtime friend and collaborator, the legendary, and recently deceased Guru (Gang Starr). And with one of the most distinct and unique voices in all of Hip-Hop, Dap and Group Home are poised to pass on their knowledge, experience and pas­sion, from the 80’s and 90’s into the second decade of the millenium.

Release date: Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Label: Babygrande Records

Source: (Where you can also pre order)

That’s all, no more details, no details who’s on the boards… Props to PR for the heads up!

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12 Responses to “Malachi the Nutcracker released from jail, new Group Home album “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” announced”

  • Comment from Agent Guevara

    ight, about time ya strike again!!!!!!!

  • Comment from Hola

    Why is he on jail?

  • Comment from iffy

    Thank god i have been waiting for so long for the REAL group home to return with melachi and not just dap cause lil dap goes well with melachi and hopefully Premier will produce beats for this album.

  • Comment from DJ Rugged D

    Wow, I never knew Malachi was in jail. Lil Dap and Malachi will make more bangers together hopefully with Primo. Primo’s schedule is real tight though.

  • Comment from DEINO

    you mane the group home sold 350,000 DO YOUR HOME WORK.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    who gives a shit about Group Home? no offense to these guys, but they were wack on the mic. I thought this was obvious. Dap was the only cat that was moderately decent on a couple tracks, but Malachi was ALWAYS wack.

    All they’ll do is waste more Premo instrumentals.

  • Comment from giantnyc

    Sirbatch is right and I thought this was obvious.

  • Comment from milky

    Malachi wack?

    I really do not get it. Of course everybody has his own taste but Melachi on the Livin Proof Album – man – one of the best flows in the world. Plain and simple and right from the heart. I hope he gets back in shape again ….

  • Comment from citizen smith

    yo sirback SHUT THE FUCK UP. livin proof is a classic and that is all!! get the fuck out of here with your “opinions”. how can you say who gives a fuck about group home?! your crazy…

  • Comment from citizen smith

    sorry i meant sirbiatch

  • Comment from >>--OHANZ33-->

    your whack as fuck yo if you think group home is shit, yo, you prolly don’t even rhyme n if you do ur wack they are very influential to me and the HIP HOP culture you got no good taste in music SIRBICTH kiss my ass

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