DJ Premier Blog » Freestyle Professors – Subway Series (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Prod. by Branesparker)

Freestyle Professors – Subway Series (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Prod. by Branesparker)

Exclusive exclusive…Blaq Poet Gettin!! Today with the legendary indie crew Freestyle Professors. From DJ Toshi new mixtape Dig Down Deep Vol. 3 hosted by Blaq Poet. Produced by Branesparker. Check it out, underground NYC shit:


Download now DJ Toshi’s free mixtape with a lot of exclusives from Blaq Poet, Cappadonna, Shyheim, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Reks, Nutso, Killarmy, B.A.M, Freestyle Professors, BURNTmd, Shownuff of M.O.P. Final Outlaw, Smiley The Ghetto Child and more. Click here.

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10 Responses to “Freestyle Professors – Subway Series (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Prod. by Branesparker)”

  • Comment from mtllou75

    thanx gim heard about now i get to listen to it dope song dope mixtape

  • Comment from LG ROC

    “Ya Niggas is Divas” ahahahah
    Blaq Poet is a must!

  • Comment from Jessi7Lee

    So Good.Love it.Seafe

  • Comment from DJTHAsuMo

    This the only reason I got on twitter! When you follow premo it’s a knowledge and thanks to premo blog for posting all the dope shit dats the only shit I rock! The beat is sick Po’s verse iz ridiculas! Real rhymin real beats. Cat’s don’t know about shit like dis.

  • Comment from dj spins

    REAL HIPHOP!Its a subway series and im bernard getz..HA..POET sounds outstanding with FP’S on this one!

  • Comment from John

    That BurntMD cat is WHACK

  • Comment from logan

    john you kno nothing about REAL music if u think burntMD is wack

  • Comment from wruv

    you’re fuckin WACK. are you just some local VT hater, or did you actually listen to this entire tape and that was just the ONE shitty dude that stood out to you? tell the truth now son

  • Comment from squeeze radio

    BURNTmd is a beast!

  • Comment from DJTHAsuMo

    Who ever said anything about any cat rhyming on this shit right there don’t know shit about HIP-HOP. Like Q-Tip said Get’cha Whole Shit Right Man!

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