DJ Premier Blog » Venom – Vigilantes (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Produced by Venom)

Venom – Vigilantes (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Produced by Venom)

Exclusive exclusive… New shit by Paris MC and producer Venom, featuring a legendary oversea artist Blaq Poet. Supporting Blaq Poet forever… Venom comes with that hardcore french style on wax, check it out:


More info here.

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5 Responses to “Venom – Vigilantes (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Produced by Venom)”

  • Comment from DJTHAsuMo

    DAT SHIT IZ TOO HARD!! Fuck pause! Blaq Po one of the illest MC’S. Fuck dat of all time.!

  • Comment from Nystatesofmind

    Real shit blaq po/venom !

  • Comment from BlastfromthePast

    don’t know france got that sound!!!
    sick beat sick delivery

  • Comment from primoonthetrack

    dope as hell!!!
    primo should remix that joint!!

  • Comment from thabigd

    I’ve seen Venom on stage in Paris with Boot Camp Click and it was raw: tough beats, great lyrics, nice scratchin’…man Venom is everywhere!!
    Representin’ the real french hardcore boom bap shit.

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