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Notorious Brunch with DJ Premier today

That’s right we are offically open for business tomorrow but this Saturday we’re having a “Nortorious Brunch” with free cocktails from Sprite Green and DJ Premier spinning from 1pm to 4pm. 672 N. Wells is our new address. If you live in Chicago, hey, it’s free, why not…

Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed VLS

Blaq Poet dropped the first 12″ on DJ Premier‘s Year Round Records, and here he drops his long-overdue second 12-inch for the label. “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed” is the first single from “Tha Blaqprint“, which is Premier’s first front-to-back album of production since the last Gang Starr album. The album is due Spring 2009, with this slab giving you two joints from the album plus a bonus cut…

A1 Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Dirty)
A2 Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Clean)
A3 Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Instrumental)
B1 Don’t Give a F*cc (Clean)
B2 Don’t Give a F*cc (Dirty)
B3 Too Strong (Dirty)
B4 Too Strong (Instrumental)

Source: Fatbeats

Yeah baby, finally! We can cop this goodie, note that in the info of fatbeats are a couple mistakes like not all tracks will be produced by Premo. But this whole VLS is!! As you know “Too Strong” won’t be on the album, it’s a bonus for the vinyl freaks under us. I will always making adds to DJ Premier work, this is how I show my respect, I want to help them sell, every producer wants support, only the best will get it.. And finally, this is also the time the clip will drop for “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed” so wait with us.. Peace from the east.

50 Cent Beat Update

No new stuff at LiveFromHQ 17/01/2009 today, but the show wasn’t bad. We were all waiting on a reaction of DJ Premier considering that 50 Cent track and the first joint he played was that track. What I noticed is that the track had tags of “” a several times, so he didn’t got the version from 50 Cent himself but from “” where it’s also leaked. So if you are Preem, here you have the full no dj version of 50 Cent rhyming and shouting on your beat like this blog is used to, finding it first! And after the track was played he explained how the situation is, follow this:

Just what we thought…