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MoSS Signed to Works of Mart

Got something fresh for y’all, a 40mins interview with DJ Premier about a lot of items. Big shout to the people of Thermal Soundwaves for this one. It’s recorded in January so this headline is fresh. Works of Mart, if you read the credits, DJ Premier always produced for Works of Mart. It’s a small label project of DJ Premier where he signes producers (since recently), first name is MoSS. Producer from Canada.

Other then that DJ Premier talks about Year Round Records, Mass Appeal, DWYCK, Buckshot Lefonque, Biggie, Blaq Poet and how to get in touch with his management. They also talks about Superproducer Solar because he was getting aggressive some months ago when they did an interview with Guru because there was too much talk about Gang Starr, and when I heard that interview, oeeeew, this producer threats Guru as a child (he actually interrupt Guru several times with a mad voice how the deal is) haha. I think I finally understand why Guru and Premier are not together anymore… But at least he is a superproducer (now you know my opion).

Here you have the interview with DJ Premier:

PREEMISH: Brooke Russell – No More

Long time I posted a beat with a close DJ Premier sound, this one is a rnb track by Brooke Rusell. She is a singster from USA, but used to live in Germany (or still lives there). She only made one album in 1999. With help from various german artists, like DJ Desue. If you don’t know him, he used to be one of the best German hip hop producer. But this one is a more unkown production of him, but you will hear how hot it is:

Brooke Russell – No More (Prod. by DJ Desue)

Got this joint from my man wiktor!