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Deams – The Legacy Intro (Feat. DJ Premier)

Deams is coming with an EP, and every real hip hop head will know it!! Now as I look to the poll I see a lot of people are between 20-25 years so I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know Deams immediately. But most of you don’t need the introduction like always hehe. Deams is the first international artist of the Gang Starr Foundation, born and raised in The Netherlands he released a single with his friend Allstar Fresh (who is a very famous DJ over here).

Later he moved to New York city and become Netherlands first MCs in the New York hip hop scene, lived in the same house as DJ Premier, Guru and Jeru the Damaja when they were all making their debut… He got into Zulu Nation thanks to Afrika Bambaata himself and in the Gang Starr Foundation where he got one single, produced by Guru. The single is still considered as an underground classic, the 12inch is still growing in price! For those who wanna know why we didn’t heard more about Deams at that time was because he had to move back to The Netherlands due to difficulties with his green card.

(This is the remix version which isn’t produced by Guru, the woman in the limo is former porn star Heather Hunter)

Now more then ten years later Deams is finally having his debut EP “The Legacy“, you could say he almost did the same struggle as Percee P in a way. The EP has featurings like Jeru the Damaja, Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T, De La Soul and even more. He even got a beat by DJ Premier for his intro, who can say he has a intro by Premo with Preems voice and scratches on it? Man, this shit is going to be crazy. Specially for Europe! Support this shit, if you are going to buy the new Jay-Z album then you need to cop this album too haha. Judge yourself! Enough talk, I would like to thank Deams himself to give me the opportunity to exclusively release this Premo beat on my blog, big up!! Enjoy the fire yourself:

Deams – The Legacy Intro (Feat. DJ Premier) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

You can hear the first single with Big Daddy Kane here. The single will be released on a limited colored 12inch vinyl for the real heads. For more info go to or go follow him on twitter: . You can always ask him questions, he’s a very friendly guy.


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