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The Game wants a Premo beat NOW

I thought they already went into the studio, The Game once said it on his famous Twitter. Well, according to The Game DJ Premier is mad busy with everything. Thanks to HipHopDX for this question:

DX: Along with that, I interviewed DJ Premier in late 2005. He told me he was a big fan of yours, but that he’d also offered you some advice early in your career. As you talk about producers, you’ve worked with a lot of veterans – Buckwild, DJ Toomp, DJ Quik – and certainly Dre. That being said, as you talk about rededication of your love for Hip Hop, will there ever be a day when we hear Game on a Premo track?

Game: That’s crazy that you say that, ’cause I been tryin’ to fuckin’ record with Premier this whole album, but he been doin’ this Christina Aguilera shit – not to say “shit” like it’s wack, or she’s wack. She’s great; I respect her and her craft. But man! God damn! If I can get with Premier I know I can make one of the best songs of my fuckin’ life. Because that’s Premier, and I’m Game. I just respect and love his work so much, and I feel like I can do what Nas did to Premier beats. I want a fuckin’ Premier beat, but he won’t send one. He wants to make one with me present, but I can’t track him down. This dude is busy. It’s like, “I know you Premier and shit, but I’m Game. I need a fuckin’ beat.”

It’s the same thing I had to do to Pharrell. Pharrell got two tracks on R.E.D. For three fuckin’ albums, I’ve been chasin’ Pharrell down. He’s been busy, I’ve been busy, but I finally got in with Pharrell. Now Pharrell understands. He’s like, “Damn. Workin’ with Game is crazy. This guy’s work ethic is crazy and he dope.” Now, me and Pharrell are goin’ for the next three days, starting tomorrow. If you know Pharrell, you know he just gonna keep recordin’ and recordin’ and producin’ on you. So me and Pharrell hit it off the first time we went in, now we goin’ in again.

Premier, man. If you talk to him, man, I need a fuckin’ Premier beat. It’s almost frustrating, ’cause I know he gonna make me something crazy, and I know I’ma body that mothafucka. I just need it. I need it. Put that shit in bold print. [Laughing]

Source: HipHopDX

UPDATE: It should happen before Christmas:

Dubcnn: You also linked with DJ Premier on this album.

Game: Nah, I ain’t get with Premier, I’m supposed to be gettin’ with Premiere before Christmas, I hope that happens. Premier is one of my favorite classic OG producers that’s still potent in hip-hop today. I just can’t wait to get in with Premier because I think we can make some classics.

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