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Guru in a Coma after Cardiac Arrest

“If anyone has info about this please let us know. We’re told his sister Tricia said he is currently in a coma after suffering from cardiac arrest. Our prayers go out to Keith Elam and his family.” -Philaflava

UPDATE: DJ Premier confirmed he’s in a coma fighting for his life, but isn’t up to speak to the public yet. Hope to the best… We’ll keep you updated as fast as I can. His surgery is scheduled for in the morning. Prayers…

Guru rhymed over 160 DJ Premier produced tracks in his life.

Best DJ Premier Beat of 2009

Ow shit, I think I’m kinda late with this one haha. I was to lazy plus I still need to think for a next vote… If DJ Premier reads this, I think it’s a close picture of what your fanbase thinks what the best beat of 2009 was… But who cares?


1. Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction (170, 17%)
2. Royce da 5’9″ – Something 2 Ride 2 (160, 16%)
3. Capone-N-Noreaga – Grand Loyal (144, 14%)
4. Blaq Poet – I-Gettin (117, 11%)
5. Blaq Poet – Hate (85, 8%)
6. M.O.P. – What I Wanna B (80, 8%)
7. Royce da 5’9″ – Hood Love (67, 6%)
8. Cormega – Make It Clear (58, 5%)
9. NYGz – Ready? (45, 4%)
10. Nick Javas – Opportunity Knocks (30, 3%)
11. Blaq Poet – Never Goodbye (29, 2%)

Thanks to everyone for their vote, it was massive, 950 votes I think!! This blog is doing so fine actually. It’s corny to say 2009 was a good year because I’ll have to say that every year, right. Should I give an award to Blaq Poet? Where is Blaq Poet at??!! The best that never dun it!! Their is a sad part though, no track of the list was released on 12″ single. Props to DJ Premier trying to keep vinyl alive but I’m afraid he will end up alone.

DJ Premier Recalls Producing For Biggie

Nothing we don’t know already, only I thought it was 10 000 dollar price.

Arrested Development – Ease My Mind (Premier’s Remix)

Like you all know, me as a big DJ Premier (and 90s hip hop) fan wants to have everything of him. I don’t give a fuck about his personal life, I want music, all his vinyl singles, I want to have it in my hands, every single thing (from the 90s) haha. But this joint is crazy, now that we all have internet it’s easy to search it and hear it. I only knew this joint was released on a test press of “Ease My Mind” single, not easy to grab, just because it’s not available for public. I once had the change to bought it from a french guy for €50 but I didn’t. I know I’ll regret this, but whatever. So I assume only one guy ripped the joint from the test press and shared it with his friends, thanks to him now thousands of people can enjoy the remix. I want to thank that guy, someone from CMS of FTD? Dunno. But ripping vinyl isn’t always good, you need good gear to have good sound. So I started to collecting CDS singles from 90s for a while.

But is this joint really rare? For me rare means a joint that is not available for public, that didn’t get released trough retail sellers. Test press isn’t retail. But did this joint really got released only on a test press? The world is big, and we all know Japan gets a lot of bonus shit. So yeah, it was released on a Japanese CDS of the track “Africa’s Inside Me” by Toshiba (1994). So we can get the joint in ‘original’ digital quality, I bought it and I didn’t know what to post today so why not share it… So nope, this joint is not rare, it’s just released in Japan. Don’t know if they got a Japanese vinyl release of it? Where are the asians peeps over here? Meanwhile I got more shit that I never saw in CDQ. Does somebody know if Zeebra “The Untouchable” has a CDS in Japan? It’s also on my wantlist. And giving money to music doesn’t feel you bad, just pay the right price, keep that in mind! Enjoy:

Arrested Development – Ease My Mind (Premier’s Remix)

Sorry no instrumental, and sorry for those who already knew! I want to ease my mind a little.

DJ Premier Talks Sampling With Grind Music Radio

“The second beat I ever made in my life was ‘Take It Personal’ but I never played it for Guru until 1992” -DJ Premier

Smiley The Ghetto Child – I’m Legend

Here we have the CDQ of the radio rip I posted under this post, for more info, check previous post. “The Antidote Pt. 2” coming in may! Props to Smiley himself for hitting me up yesterday! Dope dope shit. “Fingerfucking they Iphone”, classic. Enjoy:

Smiley The Ghetto Child – I’m Legend

Smiley The Ghetto Child – I’m Legend (Radio Rip)

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, this shit almost breaked my fucking neck!! We got ourself a winner!! From Smiley The Ghetto Child‘s upcoming album “The Antidote Pt. 2”. I recently spoke something about Smiley, how underrated he is. Started out writing rhymes for Black Sheep and Chi-Ali, cousin of The Nutcracker, was going to shoot a video for “The Realness” when he had to go to jail… Crazy!! It’s hard to make my day nowadays, but this shit just did it, I need vinyl with this on the B-Side!! Enjoy:

Smiley The Ghetto Child – I’m Legend (Radio Rip)

Khaleel – Rappin’ Exercise (Feat. Panchi) (Prod. by Showbiz) (Cuts by DJ Premier)

Here we have the CDQ of the track Khaleel did with Showbiz featuring Panchi. Cuts are done by DJ Premier. Note from Year Round: “This is not a single… this is juste a rappin’ exercise”. Enjoy:

Khaleel – Rappin’ Exercise (Feat. Panchi) (Prod. by Showbiz) (Cuts by DJ Premier)

All Eyez On: Biggest Gord

Lemme do a post about Biggest Gord, for those who see DJ Premier every year in Europe spinning, he is the man with the beard and dreads who likes to film a lot next to Premier. But more important he is one of Preems closest friends and Year Round Records manager. From the early days in Houston where Premo and Gordon were kicking ICP till now leading a label of a legend producer in New York.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that he also produced some joints trough the years. I tried to find all the tracks he produced (some with Jahdan from Blackhearted Skavangerz), but you can’t know anything, so if you know more, hit the comment section!

1) Stikken Moov – Fatality (1995)
Some ‘rare’ shit, Stikken Moov! Signed to Guru‘s Ill Kid label but only released one single and also appeared as a B-Side from the another rare single of Operation Ratification! This single was released by Tape Kingz (most known from the Crooklyn Cuts Volumes) in 1995 with 3 different tracks on it.

2) Blackhearted Skavangerz – Poison Pill (Feat. Delie & Goldie Tha Mack) (1997)
Mostly known due to appearance on Evil Dee‘s “5 Deadly Venoms” mixtape, but was also released on a 12″, I think it was their only single. Also released by Tape Kingz, co-produced with Jahdan (who also did the vocals?).

3) Teflon – Shit Happens (1997)
This one is my favorite, Tef is the shit! Always loved this track from his debut LP “My Will” in 1997.

4) Jahdan – Raiders Of The Arc (1999)
This track only appeared on a compilation album of Duck Down in 1999. Dope compilation!

5) Guru – Where’s Our Money (2001)
Yeah, Gordon produced this one. Leading single for his “Baldhead Slick & Da Click” album. One of the last releases on Guru’s label “Ill Kid”.

6) Smiley Da Ghetto Child – Caged In (2001)
Also signed on Illkid label when his first single dropped. B-Side was “Caged In”. A-Side produced by Guru. He started out making rhymes for Black Sheep and Chi-Ali and later his cousin Melachi the Nutcracker had a record deal for Group Home where he appeared on the track “The Realness”, had to go to jail after that track just like Chi-Ali (earlier) and his cousin Melachi (later). Life isn’t a fairytale like some.

7) NYGz – What Yo Life Like (Feat. Jahdan) (2007)
Never had the full version, it was supposed to be on “Welcome To G-Dom” but seemly it didn’t made it. Got this of an advanced copy!

Biggest Gord is now working as manager of Year Round Records and also does a lot of filming, he recently made the video for “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Queensbridge to California Remix)”. Here is his account on vimeo.

First Image of “Opportunity Knocks” Video Shoot

Yep, they are shooting a video for Nick Javas “Opportunity Knocks”, but first we need to wait for the CDQ! Radio rip here. Look out for the 12″ with “Not A Game” on the B-Side, which will also have a video!