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Arrested Development – Ease My Mind (Premier’s Remix)

Like you all know, me as a big DJ Premier (and 90s hip hop) fan wants to have everything of him. I don’t give a fuck about his personal life, I want music, all his vinyl singles, I want to have it in my hands, every single thing (from the 90s) haha. But this joint is crazy, now that we all have internet it’s easy to search it and hear it. I only knew this joint was released on a test press of “Ease My Mind” single, not easy to grab, just because it’s not available for public. I once had the change to bought it from a french guy for €50 but I didn’t. I know I’ll regret this, but whatever. So I assume only one guy ripped the joint from the test press and shared it with his friends, thanks to him now thousands of people can enjoy the remix. I want to thank that guy, someone from CMS of FTD? Dunno. But ripping vinyl isn’t always good, you need good gear to have good sound. So I started to collecting CDS singles from 90s for a while.

But is this joint really rare? For me rare means a joint that is not available for public, that didn’t get released trough retail sellers. Test press isn’t retail. But did this joint really got released only on a test press? The world is big, and we all know Japan gets a lot of bonus shit. So yeah, it was released on a Japanese CDS of the track “Africa’s Inside Me” by Toshiba (1994). So we can get the joint in ‘original’ digital quality, I bought it and I didn’t know what to post today so why not share it… So nope, this joint is not rare, it’s just released in Japan. Don’t know if they got a Japanese vinyl release of it? Where are the asians peeps over here? Meanwhile I got more shit that I never saw in CDQ. Does somebody know if Zeebra “The Untouchable” has a CDS in Japan? It’s also on my wantlist. And giving money to music doesn’t feel you bad, just pay the right price, keep that in mind! Enjoy:

Arrested Development – Ease My Mind (Premier’s Remix)

Sorry no instrumental, and sorry for those who already knew! I want to ease my mind a little.

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