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StickUpKids Coming With Dope T-Shirts

Dope T-Shirts by StickUpKids are now available on, go check them out!! I got mine already ordered. Part of the money is going to be donated to Guru’s son KC…

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8 Responses to “StickUpKids Coming With Dope T-Shirts”

  • Comment from shawamar

    Just bought one, the lyrics joint is crazy..I wont be giving that asshole any more fame than we already did..

  • Comment from MyZe176

    how could they not use ” lemonade is a popular drink and still is “

  • Comment from StickUPkids

    Yo MyZe176

    We do have a T in production which is the “Inspirtaional T” which dose have the lyric ” lemonade is a popular drink and still is “. So watch out for that drop which will be coming soon.

    Thanks man

  • Comment from MyZe176

    Nice lemme know when they drop…….

  • Comment from TheBOmb

    YYEEAAAHHHHH! I just placed a order for the battle lyrics! Those guys did it big, great way of reping Guru. R.I.P

  • Comment from Famo

    DAMN this T is hectic!!!!! Love the effects!! Will defo be mine!

  • Comment from DJ Stef

    Guru would have loved this.

  • Comment from jazzmatazz

    Damn I’m all over these T’s! Wanted both but went for the lyrics one in the end, looking forward to rocking out in it soon! Nice tribute, peace.

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