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Vibe Producer Tournament Final: Dr. Dre vs DJ Premier

Hate it or love it, but DJ Premier reached the final in the -commercial urban magazine- Vibe producer tournament. Who had thought he would won over The Neptunes? Off course he now competes against the all mighty Dr. Dre that pops up everywhere as the best hip hop producer ever. It would be a great statement if Preem wins, but hell, everyone got an opinion and favorite so you can’t disrespect that. I once heard Premo saying he would love to battle against Dre with beats. Support your favorite now on Who will win? East or West? Competition ends on 31th of May I think…

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18 Responses to “Vibe Producer Tournament Final: Dr. Dre vs DJ Premier”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Everyone vote for DJ Premier (The True Greatest Hip Hop Producer Of All Time) and we may get the title.

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    If Dre or Premier…. I don’t care. I voted for premier, but if dre wins the competition, he deserves it too. Both are great, so a 2nd place is no loss!

  • Comment from Berto

    i think Preem deserves this one. his line of work has to be much longer than Dre’s.

  • Comment from jj

    i vote for premo for some reasons…but i cant stand that kanye won against dilla…ahhhhh yeah its a commercial magazine..bling!

  • Comment from bill

    Preem got more beats than Dre. He’s been more active.

  • Comment from shawamar

    I want Preem to win so we can finally put to rest all these comparisons. They always mention dre as the top producer..What has he done for me lately. Hes good, but Ive always thought him to be over rated, and plus all thsoe rumors about him not even producing all his good trax…Yes I am obviously a Preemo stan so to me its no competition but I would like for the rest of the world to feel the same. Preem needs more fame, more opps..and he needs to make a full length album w/ Jeru..

  • Comment from ONE TWO D

    Dr. Dre is gonna win if you see the hype votes.
    Kanye is good with samples, but anyone who really listened to Donuts from J Dilla knows he’s better.
    Let’s hope for no nonsens/no hot air votes.

    @ Dick B., HE will get the title (unles you’re his co-producer :D)

  • Comment from jj


    premo already produced complete two (yes 2) albums for jeru …

    u cant be serious..

  • Comment from larts

    it is sad that kanye won dilla. From my point of view, i cant unterstand how is that possible.
    But final is strong, for shure i vote for premo.
    Premier for the win!

  • Comment from Gold167

    Primo has been more consistent over the years
    Dre’s beats are over hyped and he’s had allegations of ghost producers since the early 90’s (Daz,Scott Scorch etc)

  • Comment from iffy


  • Comment from mike

    its funny that kanye won against dilla but how about pete rock not even being there,dr dre’s great but preemo’s better than him,dre’s more like a group leader as well coz he’s got like 5 people involved on every track plus he works with pop rappers as well,preemo works with emcees as well krs one,guru,nas,rakim,biggie,jigga,jeru to name a few,i wouldnt mind too if dre wins coz he has done his thing in hip hop but that wouldnt make me think that he’s better than preemo

  • Comment from shawamar

    @jj —- Yes,I know this…What I am asking for is another one, especially now, that a Gangstarr album will never be a possibility. Did you just comment on this post to try and put someone down?? What a shame..

  • Comment from P-Cp.

    I love real hip hop to the fullest and Premo is always one of, if not my favorite but I have to go with Dre. He’s been the leader of the west coast sound for two decades and his production has always been banging. From the aggressive funk of his N.W.A days to g-funk all the way to the commercial late 90s sound that can appeal to heads as well with those damn piano notes that are catchy.
    Premo is a genius on the wheels of steel and the most consistent producer ever but Dre has simply done more. Plus I am a honest bigger fan that ain’t afraid to lie I like the west coast more. I love aggressive style production but I always prefer the west coast funky sound.

  • Comment from P-Cp.

    Correction below…

    From: Plus I am a honest bigger fan that ain’t afraid to lie I like the west coast more.

    To: I am a honest fan that ain’t afraid to admit I like the west coast more.

  • Comment from nk

    Gotta vote for Premo

    He personifies real hip hop, has had a longer more consistent career and does all his own stuff.

    Dre has a team of producers and musicians who work all day on beats that he takes credit for.

    Also you can vote everyday so set a reminder!

  • Comment from DJ Real

    DJ Premier gets my vote. Dr. Dre is good, but honestly hes so over hyped, hes not a GREAT producer. I prefer the raw east coast shit over west coast g funk. it has a better connection to hip hops roots. and it just sounds better to me, g funk sounds kinda soft and boring.

  • Comment from phil

    Premier deserves to win: he’s been more consistent and active.

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