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The Internet: Keeps Me Laughing Since 2000

Warning, this post got nothing to do with DJ Premier. I (gimantalon) just had the feeling I wanted to post this because I laughed my ass off. Wassup with Kanye West? Why is everybody going crazy about the dude, give his ego some rest, but I’m not going to diss someone who I don’t know personally. So sorry Kanye, I’m just not a fan. And I respect the people who like him, that being said.

Today somebody wanted to sell me the next Kanye West single for ‘Good Ass Job’. He was asking a price tag of 350 bucks. I immediately smelled the humor in it, but seriously, this guy should be removed… Still though, the internet is one funny place to be at! Start reading under:

At first I thought he wanted to rip me off, but now I wonder if this is really a snippet of the next Kanye West single “Power”? If it is and you want it, it’s just 350 bucks people! It’s a cheap deal! C’mon please…

Kanye West – Power (Snippet)

Still, this guy made my day.


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7 Responses to “The Internet: Keeps Me Laughing Since 2000”

  • Comment from Gedou

    Haha, this really saved my day! 350 bucks isn’t so bad price for snippet!

  • Comment from Fab 5 Eddy

    Yo Gim, I just start laughing too, cuz I had to think about the guy of last saturday that flipped completely with Premier and Nick Javas about Kanye and Jay… Maybe he wants to buy this zhit! lol

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Fab 5 Eddy, Haha, who the fuck was that guy? He was on the internet doing a Guru tribute or something…

  • Comment from Fab 5 Eddy

    Yeah, he did some tribute that Premo wished it never saw the light of day.. just a wanna be Nino Brown.. Nick was about to punch him in the teeth!

  • Comment from jj

    twitter…nuff said

  • Comment from kidkaracho

    it is really the new kanye-track

  • Comment from DJSmu

    Yo first off sorry for this late post on here but i saw you talkin about this FDL dude on here so i thought i post a comment here.
    This guy is a joke. He claims to have “exclusives” by some artists but in the end he bought them off itunes and quickly posts them before the other blogs do.

    Keep this site rollin’! 1 Love from Scotland
    DJ Smu

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