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DJ Premier Addresses Guru And Giving Out Support

DJ Premier & Harry J. Elam


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15 Responses to “DJ Premier Addresses Guru And Giving Out Support”

  • Comment from haroon

    Actually, I unsubscribed from HipHopDX’s RSS feed because I was so pissed about their horrible coverage. When all the E-Mails leaked they didn’t say a fucking thing about it.

    I’m disappointed as well that no one is talking about it months later. No one is being brought to account for all the shadiness. Guru’s finances and any fraud involved isn’t being investigated or discussed . . .

    I don’t mean this in any disrespectful way, but Guru was more important to me in Hip-Hop than Biggie, Pac, Big Pun and many other legends who passed away. Records like Who’s Gonna Take the Weight or Just to Get a Rep made being articulate and well-read something to aim for, and that doing so didn’t make you soft. I usually cite some of those Gangstarr records as musical influence, but I think it went much further than that without me realizing it . . .

  • respect!

  • Comment from iffy

    Respect to Fat Joe, Speaking the truth, Guru death was not public enough and that pisses me off

  • Comment from AMAru

    damn statin’ that guru was more important than pac or big is…frankly speaking exaggerated… i know it’s ur opinion, but just look what pac has done to hip hop, he made it popular, and he was definitely one of the best lyricists, if not the best. and tho pac’s music was commercially successfull, he still made real music, “me against the world” and “7 day theory” are arguably classics, “all eyez on me” was the first doublealbum in rap music…guru was dope, he is a legend, yes, but, and don’t get it twisted, when it comes to lyrics and messages, also delivery, imo there’s no one who can compete with pac, maybe nas, but that’s basically it. songs like “keep ya head up”, “dear mama”, or “hit me up”, which was the first VERY popular diss track, had bigger influence than guru’s works… then again, biggie was actually the first east coast rapper who earned respect AND fame as well, he put NY back on the map, 2gether with wu tang tho… don’t get me wrong, i love guru, but i wouldn’t say that he was more important to hip hop than pac or big, these are just better rappers with a bigger history to me…

  • Comment from haroon

    Which is why I emphasize *to me* Personally Pac and the others had no immediate influence on *me*. Those Gang Starr albums though? They defined what a good Hip-Hop record is. Step in the Arena is still my litmus test for a good album. That record changed everything for me when it comes to Hip-Hop — and maybe some other things as well.

  • Comment from DJ Marquee

    Amaru, in retrospect, was Pac making hip-hop popular necessarily a good thing? I think not, because it introduced the soulja boys and other schmucks of today’s mainstream hip-hop scene.

    -Marquee, proud user of
    Rane TTM 57sl Mixer

  • Comment from AMAru

    i got ur point haroon, and it’s cool that gang starr has such a big influence, but i guess the majority of the hip hop listeners (especially in europe, who often don’t realize the real music cuz of the lack of popularity) got into this music cuz of more popular rappers. see i live in germany and i wasn’t into no specific music, and i didn’t know any people who dealt with hip hop music neither, but then i’ve heard about rappers like pac or eminem, and started to get interested. well and that’s how i really got into rap music, these 2 two mainstream rappers like opened the hip hop gate for me. cuz of pac, i got into nas, cuz of nas i got into illmatic and in the end with premo and gang starr of course (i remember when i first heard “represent” i was so fascinated that i HAD to deal with this “dj premier”), and it expanded in this way… luckily i’ve recognized real, and just cuz ur biggest influence is a mainstream artist, doesn’t mean that you won’t get 2 know the REAL stuff out there, that is so diversified. to be fair back then it was like 2002 and eminem was still making “good” music. in these days there’s no mainstream act that can have a positive influence on someone, so in a certain way i agree with you marquee, but in the end it’s all about the character and taste of each person, if you like souljah boy than i bet you won’t feel pac’s music not at all…

  • Comment from Berto

    ey yo gimantalon, how did u always combine the two parts of the LHQ podcasts?? i don’t like having to listen to two different tracks for the same episode.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Berto, i use audacity

  • Comment from Darryl


  • Comment from Dick B.

    I most definitely agree with DJ Premier. After Guru died I was looking for magazines with Guru on the cover and looking through music video channels for tributes of some sort but I still haven’t found one to give props.

  • Comment from phil

    RIP Guru

  • Comment from Berto

    ey yo g, this shit is confusing!!

  • Comment from DJ MARZ ONE

    Can’t forget The Halftime Show with DJ Eclipse!

  • Comment from iVijilant1

    It’s one of the MAIN reasons I stopped investing in these magazines….

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