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WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Haze Presents New York Reality Check 101 (1997)

DJ Premier – Haze Presents New York Reality Check 101 (1997)

This is a straight classic right here, who else than DJ Premier mixing it… “A compilation of independent New York City artists from 1997. It is arranged & presented by Haze (New York City graffiti artist) & mixed by DJ Premier”.

This is the mixed CD version, the wax and tape version are slightly different. I think it’s something like this; CD version doesn’t have “AK Skills – Check Tha Flava”, also the last track on the tape and wax version is different, it’s the track “Special Ed – Think Twice”. “Choclair – 21 Years” and some skits are on different places on each medium. And last, there’s a tracklist mistake on every medium. Track 7 is listed as Natural Elements – Lyrical Tactics and should be “Mr. Voodoo – Shine”. Voila.

I once read in an interview DJ Premier saying that there will never be another one.


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7 Responses to “WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Haze Presents New York Reality Check 101 (1997)”

  • Comment from claaa7

    i always loved this tape, one of my favorite mixtapes actually and it perfectly represent NY’s underground hip-hop around ’97. i got the album on CD but been trying to find a download of the tape/vinyl version to see how the end is mixed.

  • Comment from Jaime

    i remember hearing this a couple years back, sick mix, gives out that nostalgic moment when hip hop was in its prime, tried finding it but never had any luck, thanks for the upload

  • Comment from qmm1726

    …i’ve run through 2 copies of that damn tape and cd both, seriously. i stuck promo stickers fa that shit on my desk @ home and on the 1987 ford escort i drove @ the time, plus surface i thought where people would see(i had between 6-8 of them). “haze presents ny…” changed my life, along with the first “soundbombing” comp and co-flow’s “funcrusher plus”. i knew a long time there’d never be a “202”, though that would kill all these fucking sequel rap albums so prevalent today. thank you, haze, preem, and mr. dave from the bottom of my heart….

  • Comment from Nickdawg2000

    CLASSIC mix. Thanks for sharing; I still have this on cassette, which I rinsed inside and out in my car all four years I was in college (1998-2002). Never even knew that the CD version was shortened down, makes sense though as each side on the tape was about 45 minutes long.

  • Comment from cnn

    what ? 50 euro for the 3xLP ? I was like “OK it’s your favorite mix ever, but you already have the CD, you have copy of the CD (you never know, you might lose the original copy) and you have downloaded it at least 4 times….you are not gonna buy the vinyl now boy !!!”

    I eventually bought it lol, was a good bargain after all.

    …and what a shock when my favorite track of the mix came out…Finsta Bundy sh*t (peace to the Beatminerz & Evil) was coming on the different way I have always known so far in the CD mix….amazing moment ! it worths listening ! Only for this I don’t regret the purchase…got also a track not in the CD mix 🙂

    Much respect to DJ Premier & Haze who showed me the true face of the matrix

    Peace from France, and as always : SAVE THE VINYL

  • Comment from Harold

    Love it for the beginnin just amazin

  • Comment from diandre

    i kept this cd in my vault for years.copt it when it first was tight a lil advance for me at first cause i never heard of most of the mc’s prior to.if im not mistaken its got a gdep first.

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