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Chi-Ali Mini Documentary

Spotted at TROY Blog.

Interesting 10 minutes…

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3 Responses to “Chi-Ali Mini Documentary”

  • Comment from Lakeekee

    Man this was a very interesting piece and straight from the heart. I though at 1st what is a nice looking brother doing in prison. Makes you think twice about the decision you make. Seems as though he is on the right track now & wish him the best.

  • Comment from Randy

    Respect to Chi Ali for continuing to learn. I hope he makes it.

    This was a well spent 10 minutes for me. Thanks for posting

  • Comment from Bogodile aka Boogie

    Keep your head up Chi 🙂
    Thanx for posting this & I learned a lot from the 10mins Chi gave us!
    God bless him, and hope he comes home soon cause I can see he changed his life to the best!!!!

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