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Gang Starr – Zonin (Cookin Soul Remix) (Tribute to Guru)

rip guru.

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6 Responses to “Gang Starr – Zonin (Cookin Soul Remix) (Tribute to Guru)”

  • Comment from Brian

    RIP GURU. Any idea when the Gangstarr tribute concert will be?!

  • Comment from Articulate1

    This tribute is incredible! Producto has the right amount of Preme-isms and the video is well edited to the music. GANGSTARR for life!

  • Comment from Weirdo

    dope stuff…where can i find this acapella?

  • Comment from Donovan

    Its really going to take me some time to get over Guru’s death. I know that he left behind good music and all, but I couldnt get enough of him 🙁 i always wanted to see Premo and Guru get back together but i guess it wouldve been too good to be true. This was a good mix. The way how the beat wqs chopped and the drum pattern reminded me of Premo.

    RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal/Keith Elam

    What a legacy. 1989-2005 thats quite a long time for a hip hop duo. My favorite group of all time

  • Comment from K-Cap

    wassup premo!
    this was really fat remix!
    just wanna let let you know we got love 4 here in sweden, just check
    this out, done by the best MCs from the cold place over here!

    cant wait for your track with our native son prop dylan!


  • Comment from cyber sequencer

    Premo I just wanted to say I’m feeling this site. The layout and sick keep it updated please I’m a huge fan … THE GAME NEEDS MORE OF YOUR MUSIC

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