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Tracklist and Sampler For Group Home’s upcoming album “G.U.R.U.”


1) Intro
2) G.U.R.U. (Feat. Jeru the Damaja)
3) Pay Attention (Feat. Guru & Smiley the Ghetto Child)
4) Get Out the Car
5) Ghetto Soldiers (Feat. D)
6) Up Against the Wall (Feat. Lord Jamar & MC Ace)
7) Ears to the Streets (Feat. D)
8 ) Bodega
9) You Got It
10) Bright Lights
11) Brooklyn
12) The Realness 2010 (Feat. Blackadon & Black of Brainsick Mob)
13) The Legacy (Feat. Guru)
14) Be Like That (Feat. Blackadon & Guru)
15) Sista Love (Skit)

Group Home – Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Sampler | MIRROR

Out on September 28th via Babygrande.


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10 Responses to “Tracklist and Sampler For Group Home’s upcoming album “G.U.R.U.””

  • Comment from T.R.

    Fuuck, The Realness 2010 needs Premier!!!
    The unreleased Guru track is fire! Thankz!

  • Comment from Korleon59

    any primo beats on it?

  • Comment from gimantalon


  • Comment from krudanze

    the legacy? is that the same one as on tear for the ghetto?

  • Comment from krudanze

    now i hear that it is. id say this is more like kind of guru tribute or compilation of tracks they did with/about guru than an album right? beats arent anything special except pay attention (and legacy of course). im really looking forward to hear the full version. any preemo beats beside the legacy? id say not regarding to the sampler.

  • Comment from T.R.

    The only Premo beat is “the legacy”, right?

  • Comment from Wiktor

    Legacy? are you kidding me?

  • Comment from AMAru

    damn, these rhymes are horrible (except for guru’s of course), sorry to say that, don’t feel em at all…the best track is the legacy (what a coincidence that it’s a preem track), which has been already released, hopefully it has another guru verse, otherwise i don’t see any sense in puttin this on their album

  • Comment from claaa7

    not only “The Legacy”, but also the other Guru featured song “Be Like That” was on ‘A Tear For The Ghetto’ if it’s the same track. fucking wack decision to put them both on there altho i guess they are meant to be seen as bonus tracks since they tacked on the end of the album.

  • Comment from brooklynshooter

    ive heard 2 cuts from the album thus far and up against the wall has the best hook i heard in a long time

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