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Year Round Records about to release 5 albums in 6 months

Year Round Records schedule for the next 6 months starting december 2010:

-Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2; DJ Premier instrumental series continues.

-Hustla’s Union (Local NYGz); Debut album by NYGz a hundred % produced by DJ Premier.

-Already!; Debut album by Texas artist Khaleel.

-Destination Unknown; Debut album by New Jersey artist Nick Javas.

-Get Used To Us; Year Round Records compilation album featuring NYGz, Nick Javas, Khaleel, Blaq Poet, KRS-One, Grand Puba, MC Eiht, Young Maylay, Lady of Rage, Royce da 5’9″, Bumpy Knuckles and Dynasty.


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15 Responses to “Year Round Records about to release 5 albums in 6 months”

  • Comment from Stu Bangas


  • Comment from nico

    Grand Puba & Premier, can’t wait.

  • Comment from Wiktor

    good laughing

  • Comment from mggn

    NYG’z already dropped and album so this won’t be their debut


  • Comment from gimantalon

    @mggn, no that was a pre album to quote dj premier lol. we going technical… just like blaq poet’s pre album.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    A little disappointed that no releases are going to start until December, but I can and will wait.

  • Comment from mggn

    Welcome 2 G-Dom was a “pre album”? Whatever you say man, hope the new shit is dope!

  • Comment from claaa7

    lol Premier can say what he wants, “Welcome 2 G-Dom” and “Tha Blaqprint” were actual albums with exclusive songs, no blends or mixes and distribution and release on a national and international level. if that’s not an album then i don’t know what the hell is.

    anyways this is the best news i’ve heard all year if it’s true, i’m definitely buying each and every one of these.

  • Comment from cardan

    i’ll buy anything yearround puts out
    cant wait for that NYGZ that my kind of HIPHOP
    javas is ill too.

  • Comment from mixtaperl

    pre album?
    fuck this whole nomenclature.. i want beats! and dirty cuts!
    Only Preemo and the new upcoming cats the never will get money from the game are doing the hip hop we want to listen.

  • Comment from Lz Jz & Pzeuz

    Bout time the BTCD V.2 is already announced for its realese.

  • Comment from Donovan

    Wow, that’s a long time. Im quite disappointed, I was expecting those this month.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the releases. Thanks for sharing the news

  • Comment from shawamar

    I cant wait…

    Blaq Po needs to come out again, soon..

  • I don’t think all the songs on this Year Round Records compilation album are produced by DJ Premier… I’d assume most of them are, but I don’t think all of them are. Anyone know for sure?

    But yeah, if Grand Puba and DJ Premier do a joint together that would be fuckin ILL!!! Can’t wait for that new NYG’z album…

  • Comment from Me

    ill believe it when i see it. not hating, just saying. what have they done in the past year besides push Javas? I thought we were gonna be getting all these singles this summer…didnt happen. NYGz should have been out….or at least part 2 of that video of them in the studio…didnt happen. I would be excited but im not holding my breath.

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