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Group Home – G.U.R.U. (Feat. Jeru the Damja) Video

Produced by DJ Idem. Directed by Jeff Pliskin.

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8 Responses to “Group Home – G.U.R.U. (Feat. Jeru the Damja) Video”

  • Comment from Zeljko

    Real tribute to Guru,true crew!

  • Comment from marc anderson

    beautiful!!!! loved it. r.i.p. GURU, GANGSTARR FOREVER

  • Comment from Rasty

    with Preemo & Big Shug this track would be completed.

  • Comment from Donovan

    Dope song. It’s real good to see Lil Dap and the Nutcracker back again. That right there gives you a good feeling about the future of hip hop.

    Nutcacker got a little chubby or stocky though? Maybe it’s because he was in jail. And no offense to anybody, but I wasn’t feelin the nutcracker’s part. It just wasn’t that great to me. Everyone else murdered it though. All underrated emcees.

  • Comment from Sindikat

    why preemo is not working on this project

  • Comment from AMAru

    read the group home interview on hhdx, in this one group home has been asked why they don’t collaborate with preem anymore, and melachi stated that it’s just his music they don’t feel…

    “When he was with Gang Starr, he made his best music. When he was with Guru, he made some nice music. I’m not gonna lie…it’s not his personality; it’s just the music.”

  • Comment from Donovan

    everyone always got some sort of beef, or they dont want to work with the sane partners. its becoming a trend and thats not a good thing.

  • Comment from lauryn

    La madre que parió al Nutcracker… ¡Cómo se ha puesto! jaja
    Pero bueno sigue siendo mi hombre… me quedo con él en los 90.
    Precioso homenaje, no merece menos. GH y Jeru siempre grandes.
    Guru descansa en paz.

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