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French MC “Soulkast” coming with new DJ Premier production (Trailer)

This is freaking sick, this is the french rap i love anno 2000/2002…

Single out on 29th of october… Debut album of this french mc will feature Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Onyx, Das EFX, IAM, Kery James & Medine. He should have put Ghost or Onyx on that track… Dream on. Album out begin 2011.

Track is called “Première Salve”.

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23 Responses to “French MC “Soulkast” coming with new DJ Premier production (Trailer)”

  • Comment from Wiktor


  • Comment from crackdaddy

    sounds dope, can’t wait to hear it

  • Comment from samu-ry


  • Comment from LamarMatic

    It’s a shame I don’t understand a word he’s saying, coz the beat is fire…

  • Comment from krudanze

    holy shit! what a beat man! this is the preemo i love.

  • Comment from Olive

    Im french and I never heard somethin about this guy Soulkast… I don’t understand what he says even if im french, he raps like twista. I hope he doesnt rap always so quick!! But the beat from Premo sounds dope!!

  • Comment from Fred Whyte

    I’m French and that shit is fuck*ng nice !!!

    Original Boom Bap

  • Comment from AMAru

    I almost started to cry when the beat dropped, this is some insane shit, same goes for the features on his album

  • Comment from PaNcho

    oh my god this is fuckin sick… can’t wait for the album!!!

  • Comment from Donovan

    this beat is insane. the scratches make it sound like a battle

    i know premo is good, but i wasnt expecting something like this

  • Comment from Breeze

    Oh, fuck me. One of his best beats in a while.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Ill production as usual. It’s good to hear something new from Preem, haven’t since “I’m Gone” i think. I don’t like listening to rappers I can’t understand because I like emcees to have some amount of lyricism (and I can’t tell if they do). While it seems like this Soulkast guy has a loud, rugged, “Termanology” type style. Nothing wrong with him as a rapper, but I’d rather have the instrumental.

  • Ahhh yeah! Here we go…dope beat and a nice MC! Thanks for this.

  • Comment from Articulate1

    That joint is so freaking ill I almost passed out after one listen! This track and “Im Legend” for Smiley the Ghetto Child are two of the best Preme joints I have heard in a while. Im half French so I think its dope that he collabs with international artists, but I kinda wish he saved this for Nas or Jay-Z to bring them back to real Hip-Hop shit.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    seriously? This beat is getting y’all gassed?

    one of the most average Premo beats in a minute


  • Comment from rae93

    i’m from france too, and i gotta say that this guests list is off the fuckin chain plus the beat is genuine premo style …

  • Comment from Budd Hello

    Hell of a beat!

  • Comment from soulkast le wack mc

    i’m french , you’re lucky to not understand what he says because it’s really shitty rhymes
    (example : I put my rhymes like attacks, you can’t test me ,)
    when he rap fast: we dont understand and dj premier is not broken head to the beat (a average beat )
    do not be dazzled by the list of featuring

  • Comment from DJ Cubix

    I’m french too and i love rap US music. I don’t understand what you singing and i think that american can love french rap like me i love american rap

  • Comment from marseye

    wack french mc, don’t understand what he says even if i’m french.
    and the primo beat is not that bangin’.

  • Wow, that shit’s CRAZY!! I don’t understand a word, but it don’t matter cuz it sounds ill. Hiphop is worldwide.

  • Comment from NYorker

    This teaser leaves nobody indifferent 🙂 Just look at the forums that talks about Soulkast and his incredible work. He realized that any french rapper would do. That’s all.

    Craaazzzyyy 🙂

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