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2010 BET Hip Hop Awards: The Cyphers

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14 Responses to “2010 BET Hip Hop Awards: The Cyphers”

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Wack cyphers, except for the Common/Kanye/Pusha one. which was alright at best.

  • Comment from NastyNas

    Damn keep hatin, Miss Biatch. Youngins goin in. Would you rather Waka and Gucci.

  • Comment from Raticus

    Good to see legends like Run and Cube.. Cube’s first sun really tite… Feeling Mickey Factz as well…

    The set with Kanye was the best… CYHI really ripped it..

  • Comment from BK's Finest


  • Comment from SirBiatch

    hey NastyNas, how dumb are you?

    by your logic, if I thought the cyphers were wack, I MUST love Waka and Gucci, right?

    It’s simp fans like you that are killing hip hop.

    A cypher can’t be wack just because it is? I’m surprised anyone who claims they know their hip hop is impressed by these rhymes. They’re pretty damn sub-par.

  • Comment from Mufro

    Cube & Common were the only dope cyphers IMO…was kind of hoping for something better =/

  • Comment from zen_funky

    I don’t feel the energy in the Cyphers #2 .
    here is the new mсs and this new mcs are weak. And the pioneers are not the same that before. But Premier has not lost the level! PEACE
    this is my opinion

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Cube did his thing as did Rae.
    Busta should of did a freestyle, like some “Flava In Your Ear Remix” type thing would have been nice.

  • Comment from XTRA-P

    Really BIATCH?! The cyphers were wack?! Yo kid you fuckin clueless…keep listen to that bullshit cornball candy coated rap shit you consistently listen too! LMAO! Real talk, Run Cypher with Joe and Diggy was hot, crushed Cube and his kids! Real recognize real, real Hip-hop Salute!

  • Comment from XTRA-P

    And thats the difference! We listen to Hip-Hop you tweens listen to rap! LOL Gucci Mayne and the likes.

  • Comment from SIC

    Not sounding like a hater, just stating my opinion. Royce Killed it. Common didnt bring his A game to the cypha, i was expecting more from him. Kanye and Pusha were okay, but they didnt drop enough punchlines.

    Out of the “new” rappers, to my surprise, i was diggin Rev Run’s son, and CiHy da prince, and thats the 1st time i heard them. All them other rappers either need to develop their voices cause they sound weak, and/or step their bars up.

  • Comment from DJ Lord Ron

    Peace to DJ Premier, Ice Cube, Raekwon, Rev. Run & Diggy.

  • I enjoyed all of the cyphers… And I’ve always loved that break/beat to freestyle over.

    I think I liked the G.O.O.D. Music Cypher the best. That Cihi The Prynce cat from Atlanta was dope, I liked his shit. Who is he?

    Also, that Bones cat from the Raekwon cypher was dope too. Yelawolf, that whiteboy from Alabama, was actually pretty funny & dope… It’s just that the actual songs he makes are straight TRASH. haha

  • I actually didn’t think that Raekwon, Ice Cube and Royce were all that in those Cyphers. I’m not sayin they were wack, not at all, but they were not all that great.

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