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Get Used To Us Vignette #1

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5 Responses to “Get Used To Us Vignette #1”

  • Comment from Paul

    Man i can`t wait till everything comes out but i really wanna know is when nick javas drops his album ?? but it`s gonna be a beautiful ending of the year with that dj premier album 🙂 premoooo

  • Comment from Dick B.

    But will he ever release the albums, is my question.
    I’m really anticipating Hustla’s Union more than anything else(which I hope will be out this year).

    Teflon, KRS, Pete Rock, Nick Javas, Khaleel, and MC Eiht. Wow.
    Khaleel and MC Eiht albums I could care less for, honestly. All Preem’s missing is a Nas album.

    I wish he would put out a solo album like Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Oh yeah, forgot Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2.

  • Comment from miami hustler

    oh snap a premo vs a pete rock album than krs one and premo album the return of the boom bip i wonder if premo producing that whole album than the nyg’s hustlaz union damn i cant wait until all these album releases & nick javas and khaleel debut albums are suppose to drop too

  • Comment from mtllou75

    all this talking is just that talk….how bout some god damn music release sum shit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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