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DJ Premier Interview with ItsBongoBoy

How do you forget to squeeze your nose before doing an interview with the king in his castle?

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3 Responses to “DJ Premier Interview with ItsBongoBoy”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I’m really hoping all of the albums come out within the next six months. Year Round Records is the only thing looling up in hip hop right now (with the possible sequel to GZA’s Liquid Swords – fully produced by the RZA).

  • Comment from Mufro

    Thanks to Gim for uploading highlighting this cool interview – but damn that interviewer was kind of annoying lol…

    Fucking love this website; I actually watch & read everything on it (much like anyone reading this right now – salute from Scotland!)

  • Comment from Don R.I.F.

    No disrespect, but the interviewer is the wackest interviewer ever created by God. Goddamn, the guy looks like he’s 15 yo and is interviewing Pikachu or Justin Bieber’s little sis! WTF!
    I’m very sorry, I hate to be that disrespectful, but come on’ man, a little bit work on the look and the style, and try to lose that Ethiopian accent or whatever the fuck it is.
    I’m surprised this guy even knows who Premier is.
    LOL Sorry about all that.

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