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NEW TRACK: KRS-One – 5% (Feat. Grand Puba) (Radio Rip)

Whoohaa, the first track of KRS-One collabo album with DJ Premier “Return of the Boom-Bip”. It always feels good to hear KRS-One over a new Premo beat. Especially when it features the legendary Grand Puba. Go cop that Year Round Records compilation album “Get Used To Us”. Out early next month, 100% Premier supported! Keep on visiting this blog for more info on that… Eargasm:


Ow yeah, Pete Rock once rhymed over this beat.

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18 Responses to “NEW TRACK: KRS-One – 5% (Feat. Grand Puba) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from AMAru

    insane track, I remember the first time I heard pete rockin this beat, once again peace to gim for postin the heat. can’t go wrong with krs, puba and preeme.

  • Comment from TapeandVinyl

    Hell yeah! What a dope beat…lovely string sample and those…aaahmmm…footsteps? However: Dope! Thanks Gim.

  • Comment from DJTHAsuMo

    The Realest Dopest HIP-HOP in the World.! Right Here!

  • Comment from RIP Guru

    I mean is nice and all but i really wanted Pete Rock rapping on these beat…They already did it live in concert if anybody remembers that video of pete rock rapping over these beat…..

    but yeah, it is still ill but the beat sounded more ill when DJ Premier is doing the scratches over and over on the video.

  • Comment from al

    This beat makes me sleep…

  • Comment from PatBC

    This beat would be ill if it wasn’t from the “footsteps” all over the track which makes it almost annoying to listen to.

  • Comment from @dx21dasun

    Those footsteps are the GODS COMING!!! Mecca boots in full effect. PEACE TO THE GODS AND EARTHS!!! (IN THE NAME OF “DX 21” DASUN ALLAH)

  • Comment from LG ROC

    Damn.. the concept of this beat is dope.
    Steps and stuff. Classic soul tambos.

  • Comment from PeeWee

    I am looking hella forward to a full KRS/Premo album, as Kris has had unlistenable beat selection for the past 3 or 4 discs…

    Damn I listened a lot to Return Of The Boom Bap when that came out in 93, and even more so because of that, i think Return Of The Boom Bip is the most wack ass “part 2” type of title EVER. Please re-think, Teacha!

  • Comment from tone spliff

    can’t wait for Return of the Boom Bip! Looking forward to buying it!

  • Comment from Beep

    Blazing Track!!! Can’t wait for album! Lotta Love!

  • Comment from Shidden

    the beat makes me go to sleep too. and nope i aint no hater… i know what im talking about.

  • Comment from Dom182

    Beat is doo-doo aka 100% WAK..

    Rhymes – WAK..
    KRS – WAK..
    PUBA – WAK..

    WAKE THE FCK UP people this is quite possibly the wakest / weakest sht Preemo has ever done. Why you even leak this SHT??

  • Comment from Wu

    Dom182 is a fag

    dope track

  • Comment from Recky D

    I think this is a solid rap track musically but the message by KRS 1 here is undeniably heretic… this goes way beyond beats and lyrics… this is some wrong indoctrination by Kris Lawrence Parker and the Temple of Hip-Hop. This man is not just rhyming people…he is actually passing a message…

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    Dom182 stfu this is some dope premo shit this is same old classic premo stop trolling

    listen to the lyrics not just the beat

  • Comment from Dom182

    @WU – @GuttahMastah

    Compare this Mass Appeal,or Bridge Is Over then please come back in a weeks time & tell everyone how “dope” it is..

    Like i said “stop ass kissing”

    Beat is garbage…rhymes are forgettable after one listen. As a song it shouldn’t even be leaked,& it will NEVER be released.

    Keep riding dicks…& show your true colors!

    HIP HOP really is dead if you think this is “dope”

  • Comment from taseem Allah

    yo premier,i been a fan of gangstarr from the all the real hip-hop music y’all put out.glad to cee you and krs getting it in.last of a dying breed.need y’all to do something with rakim,nas,and lord jamar.r.i.p. guru.gone,but not forgotten.

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