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Akinyele – No Exit (Part II) (Full Audio), Hip Hop Most Valuable Song Ever?

Once again my love for 90s Hip Hop has no limit. Damn! Last time I had the change to talk about this 90s event, which had a lot of attention. Even Stretch was surprised about it. I wonder why the people gave it so much attention… I question myself if it was the song itself or just the reminisce of the  90s that got much attention? I’m always into covering 90s stories, I did a few more of them. The J-Rock article was my first one. Great great.

I’m a vinyl collector myself, not so big as those hardcore collectors, but I like to buy rare shit from time to time if I have the money. But every hardcore vinyl collector will have their ears open when they hear about the Akinyele 12inch “Break A Bitch”. It’s on paper one of the most valuable piece of vinyl ever in Hip Hop. Next to Kool DJ AJ “Ah, Thats The Joint” and Mr. Magic’s “Be Bop Convention” LP you can’t have this without paying the four numbers. Prices up to 5000 dollars are nothing rare when it comes to this 12inch.

The reason why it’s so fucking expensive record is because of the rarity. The 12inch was only test pressed. The record is almost an urban legend. Some say only 10 copies were pressed, some say 18. Another reason why it’s so expensive is because 1 track on the vinyl is so rare that it isn’t even downloadable (until now). Many diggers including me are searching the track for years. People who don’t know: you could consider searching an element of hip hop. We are now almost 2011, but in the past you had to search your shit. And some people like me are still trying to search shit, it’s still our way of making fun.

The 12inch released by Liberty Grooves has on the A-Side the track “Break A Bitch Neck“, produced by Large Pro and featuring Kool G Rap. And on the B-Side ” You Gotta Go Down“, produced by Doo-Wop. And another track called “No Exit (Part II)”, produced by Dr. Butcher. That’s the wanted track were only a snippet was released of in the past. Nobody who has the vinyl or promo cassette ever ripped it, but Stretch Armstrong used to play it a several times on his show in the 90s. So I tweaked it a little like I love to do and made this article. Why not? We still don’t have the original rip, but we come closer and we have a full audio now. Enjoy probably the most valuable known joint ever in the history of hip hop:


I could give you more text about Akinyele background but face it, if you don’t know him you don’t know hip hop… And there’s actually one copy available to buy -if you have the cash- click. If you have crazy records stories, free feel to share them in the comment section! DJ Premier Blog brrrrraaaa brraaaa.

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11 Responses to “Akinyele – No Exit (Part II) (Full Audio), Hip Hop Most Valuable Song Ever?”

  • Comment from AMAru

    this just made my day, gim you’re the man for postin this classics, thx so much, CLASSICK joint rite here, 1ce again thanks alot bro, I guess we all appreciate it as hip hop fans, especially when you’re crazy about the 90’s …

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Don’t think I’ve heard this before. Akinyele’s first album is often overlooked, but it is one of the better hip hop albums ever. I’m guessing Extra P produced this track? Think I like the original a tad better though.

    Props for putting this up Gim.

  • Comment from Jaz

    Thank you Gim, I had no idea it was that expensive, props on the download fam.

  • Comment from jose polanco

    totally agree on the “search”element, still into it.dope stuff..this is the kind of moment that makes the internet worthwhile, thanks again, premier.peace from the Dominican Republic.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    who are you guys kidding? Akinyele’s album is nowhere near a great album. It didn’t get slept-on. It induced sleepiness. His rap style was just too gimmicky and dated itself quick.

    I’m not saying the dude is/was wack, but I definitely wouldn’t give him props as being one of the ill of the 90s.

  • Yo whattup my man. So I’m curious, if this isn’t the actual vinyl rip, then what exactly is it??? Did you take the Snippet that’s out there and combine that with the Stretch & Bobbito show tape rip that was recently posted on Philaflava or something??? That’s all I can pretty much think of. Whatever the case, good shit.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Shaun, yes it’s those two combined. Probably a Stretch show from a Philaflava user. Dopest forum anyway.

  • Comment from verge

    Word, unbelievable that I thought to do the same thing as you, but thought it might not come out good.
    Peace to DJ Mike Nice for the og snippet and to Ben O(i may be wrong on who ripped it, sorry to them) for the rip at the TROY forum.
    Good job on the merging of the snippet and radio rip!! Please, as a favor, anything you take from that thread in TROY at phila, please give shouts to the og uploaders and/or the forum. I mean, no big deal, since the artists and Stretch and Bob are the main people who should really be credited, so, its all good. 🙂
    No beef, I appreciate this and your blog. Good shit!!

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @verge, yeah man, no doubt… I don’t know exactly who ripped the show (it’s from some blog who probably putted your shit on it), but you know i’m not afraid of shouting out the right persons if you look to the Big L/Jay Z freestyle. peace.

  • Comment from james

    “is because 1 track on the vinyl is so rare that it isn’t even downloadable (until now)”

    Not really I found the mp3 on audiogalaxy in early 2000’s, but props for you for sharing this !!

  • Comment from Stretch

    Someone offered me $800 dollars for my acetate of this. Truth be told, I pressed this up originally to play out, mostly for “Gotta Go Down” in the club. I pressed up 25 which means there may 10 or so in my storage. Maybe.

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