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DJ Premier Backs Up His Statement That Drake Brought Back Lyricism To Rap

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8 Responses to “DJ Premier Backs Up His Statement That Drake Brought Back Lyricism To Rap”

  • Comment from AMAru

    premo speakin nuthin but the truth
    how can you argue with someone about hip hop who’s worked with nearly everybody in the game and has been in there for 2 decades and established himself as a top notch artist. fuckin ridiculous

  • Comment from SPLIFF

    @AMAru: Because regardless of how established he is in the hip hop industry, he’s still human… In other words he’s not perfect and his opinion isn’t always right. Just because he comes out and says something doesn’t mean it’s the definite truth and lacks any flaws.. The argument he made here is a perfect example. Drake is definitely not the only lyrical, or even most lyricial artist in his age group. Check out Prince EA, Dumbfoundead, Wax, Herbal T, and even D-Pryde who’s only 16 but still more lyrical than him.. Just because he’s Premo doesn’t mean he knows everything

  • Comment from Jaz

    Preem you an absolute legend…but you are wrong on this one, Drake is wack, a garbage bubblegum rapper that needs to vanish along with all of that Young Money wackness that is destroying Hip Hop and giving it a bad name.

  • Comment from AMAru

    of course there are tons of people who are possbily iller, no doubt, but nonetheless being lyrical is not everythin, you can’t argue that j. cole is tho, not to mention that he got a dope flow, so from these rappers that shine now, he’s definitely bringin the lyrcisim back. I’m definitely not down with drake, and I can’t agree with premo on that point, but people are actin’ like they know more bout this that and the third just because they know someone who is iller. just as preem said, if there is some young cat who is ill with the lyrics just try to get recognized, unfortunately talent and skills are not the only aspects you need in order to get a deal or whatever. furthermore it’s good that a rapper like j cole who is succesfull and gets the recognition is lyrically talented and can change sumthin’ so that the music turns in another direction
    not statin’ that premo is perfect, not at all, I just think that people got sensible since they are missunderstanding his statement

  • Comment from O.B.G.

    yo Premo you’re wrong in this one, it’s the 1st time that i would say fuck you Premo, i didn’t thought you were such a dumb, did you ever heard about someone called Lupe Fiasco or Skyzoo?? those lyricists brought lyricims back Drake is so damn lyrically wack that you find it relevant, you need to listen to S.L.R. (Super Lupe Rap).

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Prepare for a long post:

    I now get what Premo was talking about, but I can see why he’s still receiving flak:

    1. Ageism is a big issue in hip hop right now. Fans of hip hop (older than 25) suffer a MASSIVE disconnect with the hip hop that 15-23 yr olds listen to. I’m 26, and I think the so-called ‘hip hop’ in the mainstream is so watered down it’s not even hip hop anymore.

    and real talk, both J. Cole and Drake are subpar, especially Cole. Drake at least has his shit together. There are some joints by Drake I can listen to and feel “meh, this guy is decent.” Cole is still struggling to define who he really is in this game. Everyone says he’s dope with the rhymes yet I’m not seeing Cole’s quotables. or even dope tracks. His production is weak. The guy cannot make SONGS.

    Anyway, ageism is a bigger problem for older rappers. To say that Drake & J Cole singlehandedly brought back lyricism is offensive to alot of rappers in the underground who have been putting in work.

    It also implies that young cats (because they’re new and young) define what the bar is for ‘lyricism’.

    I get what Preme is saying with the age group comment. He’s referring to mainstream rap, and he’s right in that regard.

    But the problem is that people will take Premo’s cosign and run with it. They’re not going to look at the specifics. All they’ll say is: “Premo says Drake and J Cole are the bar for lyricists.”

    and anyone who knows what it means to be an actual LYRICIST will tell you that Cole and Drake simply aren’t there.

    It boils down to patting people on the back even when they’re mediocre. Drake is 23. Nas was 19 or so when he wrote ILLMATIC. That’s LYRICISM. Stop giving these new cats candy for writing the most basic rhymes and basic flows.

    It hurts the game, and we should know better.

    Lastly, I also hate how established legends feel like they have to cosign newer shit so they don’t seem like haters. And worse, the new cats aren’t even fucking with y’all like that. It’s a one-way relationship.

    Premo, why promote Drake? It’s the same shit when you were promoting Kanye’s album. Yet you weren’t even on it. AND it wasn’t the boom bap album you said it would be.

    You’re cosigning these cats, and they’re not cosigning you. WTF. I don’t hear Drake shout you out on interviews or in rhymes, etc. So why give them press?

    I know a lot of it is the interviewers’ fault. They always ask the same question “what do you think of hip hop right now?” and “Do you like Drake, yes or no?”

    My point is: stop giving these new, subpar cats credibility. Let them have their mainstream success. And if they WANT credibility, let them EARN IT.

    But don’t water down the credibility of hip hop just to include them when they’re not hip hop fanatics like that. I really doubt that Kanye/Drake are waking up each morning trying their best to push the boundaries of real hip hop. Making those REAL beats with REAL rhymes from the heart, stepping up their pen game, etc. They want to sell records first and foremost.

    and that’s cool. But why give them hip hop credibility when they haven’t always earned it?

  • Comment from AMAru

    sirbiatch you’re definitely rite, the expectations are not as high as back in the days, and ur example with nas was a perfect one. the bar needs to be raised, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen, most of the people seem to be satisfied with the current music. tho I cannot agree with you on ur point with cole, I’m definitely with you on the rest of ur post

  • Comment from notme

    premo is right, but there is a group from london called rhyme asylum and i think there about drakes age and no body on the game is more lyrical then they are atm i dont think.

    can someone send premo a rhyme asylum mp3 to where ever he said to send it because these guys are dope as hell n i think he needs to hear their stuff.

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