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DJ Premier: “I Think Kanye West Should Have Used My Record, But I’m Not Mad At Him”

With Kanye West’s much-anticipated comeback nearing fruition, contributing producer DJ Premier talks about his involvement with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

I know Kanye West has changed a lot of stuff for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because he didn’t even use my track. I just jumped on a song a few weeks ago that he had already done called “Mama’s Boy” and he had me do some scratches on it. It was last minute, he called me in the middle of the night and I did it and knocked it out for him before he had to turn his album in like four days.

So I asked him, “Yo, you’re not using the one I gave you?” I gave Kanye a banging, boom bap joint, some original left field Preem sh*t because I know I’m dealing with Kanye so I know I gotta go deeper in my thoughts and creativity but he didn’t use it.

I can’t be mad at him, he told me as he grew and began shaping the album, it didn’t fit and the beat is dope. He loves it and it will be used but he has the album with Jay-Z and he’s like, “Yo, I need two for that.” So I’m going to give him some stuff for the Jay album.

No stress. I have been turned down many times for tracks. “I” think he should have used it but I’m not mad at him. This is a business and so what he chooses is what he chooses. When he saw me and Showbiz from D.I.T.C., he was way in the early stages of the album and he was playing me like 11 joints then and said he was just starting. Everything was back to brakes, hard kicks and snares, things like that that we are used to.

Kanye told me “Return of the Boom Bap” was one of the records he was studying to get him back into that mind state. I haven’t heard the updated version except from the stuff that’s leaked so I’m hoping [it doesn’t leak also]. I heard the Pete Rock with Jay on it and Pete even played me, when we were on the same flight to Japan together, for the “Pete Rock Vs. Premier” show, Pete played me the tracks he gave Ye. Even though I love the one he did with Curtis Mayfield, he had this other one that was knocking out the box. Oh my God. I don’t think they used it.


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9 Responses to “DJ Premier: “I Think Kanye West Should Have Used My Record, But I’m Not Mad At Him””

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I was just listening to “The Makings Of You” by Curtis. What a shame Kanye putting autotune on Mayfield and rapping about cumming on some girl’s face.

  • Comment from reker sck

    wow i know i sound like a nerd but imagine primo and pete rock on a flight together and sitting behind them. listening to their crazy convo. so anyway from what ive been hearing lately primo is working with lots of big rappers ? jay? kanye? game? busta? well see, well see.

  • Comment from Cam

    Why does this keep happenin??

    All the top artists in the game keep being like “oh yea, preemo’s definately the best producer in teh game, much love, much love” then they turn down his beats?

    This is the guy who is rated No.1 on countless top producer lists worldwide so why would you NOT have his beat on your album… last time I heard a preemo beat on a “mainstream” album it was on Fat Joe’s Darkside and it was bangin!

    Same can be said on teh Nas/preemo collab, ALL the fans waana hear it, it would make financial sense, bring the best back out of Nas but still as far as I here Preemo is ready to go but Nas… God only knows why he keeps turnin it down.

    If preemo’s joints dont get on the Jay-Z Kanye album, Imma be mad!!

    Wake up hip-hop!


  • Comment from jj


    those money-hungry artist got no real love for you, so they prefer making some average bullsh##t then using one of your material. you got better things to do, then working with JAY-Z or KANYE! ooo iam just sayin, iam not your father^^


  • Comment from nOF

    The proper thing to do: Kanye took the time out to go in the studio with Preem, and they can work out something together. Then Kanye could give the direction, and Preem come with inputs.

  • Comment from Six

    I agree, I don’t think that we’re gonna Jay over a Preem track unless we lsten to his old albums (smh)Nas, I don’t know about. But I’m good with what’s coming in Dec,so that’s what I’m waiting on.

  • Comment from claaa7

    if anyone heard Kanye West’s album like myself it’s quite understandable why he didn’t use it, commercial interest most definitely had nothing to do with (he’ll sell 2 million copies wether he have Preemo on there or not). he did a concept album and it’s mostly self-produced and he went 180¤ from the original concept of vintage boom-bap with the veteran producers. he should have used that bitch for a GOOD Friday track or a bonus track tho, hopefully we’ll see it on the Jay-Z/Kanye album (which is said to have Preem, Pete and Q-Tip) but as always i never believe something like that until i actually hear it.

  • Comment from JuX

    Personally i think any artist who is given the opportunity and chance to use a track given to him/her by dj premier….and doesn’t use it….is a f@$king moron….but thats just my opinion……and i highly doubt there coule be anything, person, or reason on the planet that could as far as entertain the idea of even changing that opinion.

  • Comment from Alright Neil

    Just like Heartbreak & 808s, the new one by Ye only reflects what’s goin on in Ye’s life personally. Ye is all over the place. That said, Preem is HIP HOP, Ye wasn’t sincere in claiming to do a HIP HOP album. Ye did a HIP POP album. Just my 2 cents…..

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