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DJ Premier Doing Scratches on a Q-Tip track or a Soulja Boy track?

Mama Boyfriend contains scratches by DJ Premier.

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7 Responses to “DJ Premier Doing Scratches on a Q-Tip track or a Soulja Boy track?”

  • Comment from zen_funky

    Fuck Solja Boy!
    Soulja Boy does not deserve the “scratch” that was coined by GrandWizard Theodor!
    Let Solja boy first learns the culture of hip hop.

  • Comment from AMAru

    hmmm let me guess, kanye will take the soulja boy version???

  • Comment from Jaz

    Hey Q-Tip how does that commercial dick taste?…freaking sellout.

  • Comment from Hotline 666

    “I co produced my bitch…”
    Funny shit.
    Famous producers still want to SHOW they put the fingers on a track. Bunch of insecure bitches!!!!

    Anyway SouljaBoy, Drake, Lady Gaga whatever, they’re all artists that America pays attention. Of course someday they’ll cross their roads even with DJ Premier.

    And that’s good. With no money, how HE would do shit, aight?

    Besides that.. we all know the tracks of the Yearround album. Who’s gon buy? only 2 or 3 tracks unheard? C’mon…

    This game is kinda wack also hum?

  • Comment from Eff' Ye'!!!

    Q-Tip will always be Q-Tip…He didn’t even answer questions about A Tribe Called Quest reunion on The XXL U-Stream so I’m sure he told them no questions about Tribe and said that the Tribe documentary would be out next year when Michael Rapport said it would be out at the end of this year in December…Q-tip just wants to push his production with the pop world anyways so what the fuck else is new…He’d rather Kanye make him look like an ass and a clown by not putting him My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy and the same goes for Premo…I knew Premo wasn’t gonna show up on production on Kanye’s Dark Fantasy…Isn’t that always the mainstream’s last result? One of the pop rap artists say that yeah we gonna get DJ Premier on the album and then Premier sends them some beats and after the pop rap artist’s album project is finished there’s no DJ Premier production whatsoever…I’m sure Jay-Z taught Kanye West that magical trick since Jay has an audience that he pays on a regular basis to always like him and love him and make sure that he’s the greatest that ever did it by the time he’s done with Hip-Hop…Sorry but this is what Jay does…He invests his money to a major audience so that they can help keep him around and make him an icon so that audience he paid off can help him sell albums and never be forgotten and never be told that he is whack…He pays the media off so that they’ll never say that he’s whack just to cover up his fake fascade of being the greatest when he’s not…So Jay and Lil Wayne are actually paying to be the greatest instead of earning to be the greatest like Rakim,Biggie,NAS,and 2Pac did…Premo should get a reality check on dudes like Kanye and Jay…I already knew the moment Kanye said that Q-Tip,Pete Rock,and DJ Premier would be producing on the album that they would not be on the album so that was an automatic dead give away because that’s what the bullshit mainstream industry does…They do their best to keep Q-Tip,Pete Rock,and Premier out of their microwavable box because the mainstream world knows that they are all Real Hip-Hop so they persuade Jay and Kanye not to use them for production because the bullshit mainstream industry has their own microwavable production that they approve of that will work for them…Kanye should be apologizing to Premier for not using those beats for his album because he sort of embarrassed Premo but not using them…Sorry but scratches from Premier ain’t gonna cut it…and watch Drake will do the same to DJ Premier as well by not including him on the new album…It’s called politics in the mainstream world and Premier should stop showing and putting his interest there even it means a little because we all know what happens in the end…Cats like Q-Tip and DJ Premier can chant Real Hip-Hop all day all the fuck they want to but we all know at the end of the day they still would try to sell an ounce of their soul for that sweet delicious commercial mainstream pie that keeps calling them and luring them in but then rejects them and slams the door in their faces…The rap mainstream world slammed the doors hard in Q-Tip’s face for Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and this is the response you get from him as if his life depends on getting back into the mainstream world under Kanye…This is the same guy who said industry rule #4,080 record company people are shady…Sad but Kanye just used the Real Hip-Hop branded names of Pete,Q-Tip,and Premier as PR for his new album and allowed the mainstream world of Def Jam to convince Ye’ that he didn’t need them…If Kanye didn’t use them for promotional use or PR then why the fuck aren’t Pete,Q-Tip,and Premier on production for the album like Kanye promised then? Kanye wasted his breath by saying that they’d be on the album…Goes to show you that Kanye can’t keep promises just like apologizing to Bush…Kanye’s promises aren’t kept so who cares about MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy…

  • Comment from word up

    yes i truth here, you know im a fan of preem,s music but it hurts my heart that He ain,t take a stand for God or people that disrespected hiphop culture ,Pay him the right price and he,s there.

  • Comment from VonzeyEternity

    Soulja Boy + Premier = Fail
    Soulja can’t handle this real hip hopness. I can understand Drake, Kanye, even Nicki Minaj, but Soulja Boy, please waka flocka or lady gaga has better chance than him and they couldnt even be with preemo.

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