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New Afu-Ra! Prop Dylan – Jah Jah (Feat. Afu-Ra) (Prod. by Logophobia)

It is five vinyl tracks all produced by Logophobia and rap is done by Prop Dylan. Style vary between
the songs from hardcore, ragga-hop to soul-bap. Afu-Ra features on one track called Jah Jah which
has a more ragga tone to it but still hiphop. On the hardcore track: Crowdpleaser we’ve invited the
Scandinavian DMC Champ DJ ALX to lay the finishing cuts. The album cover is done by legendary
graffiti-writer IKAROS.

Exclusive shit, exclusive shit. It’s been a minute since we heard any new material from Afu-Ra. From the Swedish artists Prop Dylan & Logophobia upcoming vinyl ep “The Works”. Support the indie artists who still burn wax! Straight from Europe. First Afu-Ra next DJ Premier. Prop Dylan knows! Enjoy:

Available on wax and digital Dec 3th.

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