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Branford Marsalis Remembers Keith “Guru” Elam and Buckshot LeFonque

“He struggled…because so much of the lifestyle that was glorified was not his lifestyle.” -Branford Marsalis

I miss Buckshot LeFonque with Uptown.

rip guru.

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2 Responses to “Branford Marsalis Remembers Keith “Guru” Elam and Buckshot LeFonque”

  • Comment from Kasper

    Because it is an ill format…

    this is dope

  • Comment from KKL

    That’s interesting because I always thought that it was Guru who was tight with Branford, not Premier. But anyway, I always thought that Guru had some serious issues with himself, I could sense it from his music. And also in many interviews he was acting kinda strange, I didn’t understand why… Then again, he put that frustration straight to his beautiful music. But like Branford Marsalis said he made great records. I listen to that Daily Operation every day. Might just be my all time favorite MC. Big up to Premier and, umm rip Guru!

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