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Real Talk by DJ Premier: A Lost DJ Premier Interview

This interview was taken a few years ago, found it back now. Real talk by DJ Premier! With cameos of Jeru the Damaja & Teflon… Teflon is now actually a professional personal fitness trainer.

And we have another premiere! The official DJ Premier Blog shoutbox is here :D… Now you can chat among real DJ Premier fiendzzz, enjoy! (check your right)

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11 Responses to “Real Talk by DJ Premier: A Lost DJ Premier Interview”

  • Comment from donrif

    That’s an old interview Gim, I already saw it once on Youtube.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    why do you say that homie?

    1) the post says it’s a couple of years old
    2) 2008(?) isn’t really that long ago so old isn’t true
    3) youtube only has a couple of minutes and no teflon nor jeru
    4) it’s a lost interview, doesn’t mean unreleased, just rare
    5) …

    but it’s cool you retyp my words in some way 😀

    i do understand you, i bring a lot of new goodies. but i can’t do that all the time hehe.

  • Comment from donrif

    lol sorry i just saw the long version of it with Tef and Jeru…good lookin’ bro

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Funny when Premier is sitting first class and some guy asks “What do you do?” Prem replies “The fuck do you do?” haha.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Preems a funny guy.
    Jeru dropped some interesting knowledge and need to hook up on a song for that PR vs. Premier album.
    Telfon rippid it.
    Go to 04:56 haha

  • Comment from jonny

    wat song/beat is playing at 330

  • Good shit Gim, I enjoyed that. Big ups for always sharing the ill Preemo shit.

    And yo, what’s up with Jeru and Preem recording again? Has that ever been asked or has either of those two ever mentioned it?

  • Comment from Oll-Zen

    Anybody knows the beat which came in at 8:35?
    Would be thankful for help!

  • Comment from dopeness

    beat at 3:30 = AZ – The Format
    beat at 8:35 = Little Brother – Life of the Party (Remix)

  • Comment from BX

    wow Primo was driving around Riverdale New York 237th and Johnson Ave to be exact

  • Comment from Oll-Zen

    @ dopeness: propz, thank you!

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