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Christina Aguilera Talking About DJ Premier

(I think this is old though, but I never saw this honeypie talking about DJ Premier before, don’t worry don rif, this evening new exclusive here!)

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2 Responses to “Christina Aguilera Talking About DJ Premier”

  • Comment from veronica

    I’m a Christina aguilera fan, and i hope she and and premo get back together for her new album 🙂
    Back to basics was her greatest album so far. She’s definitely a white woman with black soul. I also heard that they are really good friends, I’m glad Premo rely on her for this project and viceversa. Back in the day was amazing, i also loved the remix that it’s on youtube wih termanology in the track. I hope she gets other rappers in her abum with dj premier beats. I’m talking about real rappers wih lyrics and substance, not those ones who just talk about money, hoes, chains, cars because God knows this is not hip hop.

    Keep on comin’!

  • Comment from AMAru

    yeah the premo tracks were insane, back in the days was my fav too, but any record was hot tho, like still dirrty, this was an insane beat…
    thank you was also dope, loved the way he scratched the “genie in the bottle” part, plus the biggie sample fit perfectly
    I love these left field preem joints..

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