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Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ (Feat. Celph Titled) Video Clip

Directed by Nicolas Heller. Fucking sick, major props, sick!!

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8 Responses to “Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ (Feat. Celph Titled) Video Clip”

  • Comment from mick

    dope shit

  • Comment from krudanze

    this video made me love the track even more. fuckin hilarious

  • Comment from FubiZz

    cool T-Shirts and the climax is at the end seeing preemo wetting his fingertips while smoking a cig =D
    Raw + dope

  • I like the song, but don’t feel it’s great or anything. As for the video, I don’t really care for it, but no big deal cuz it’s still real Hiphop music representin. I liked DJ Premier’s parts the best, especially the end when he’s scratchin. Did not care for those two whitegirls though. The one with Apathy in red looked the best, but looks like a Kreayshawn type chick. haha And the new Apathy album Honkey Kong is dope so go buy it on Vinyl or CD.

  • Comment from hugo

    fuuuuk, dope funny shit, i have to agree with ‘fubizz’, i almost blew my speakers when premo came in the pic at the end! haha dope dope dope

  • Comment from Sinosure

    “Leave you dick heads covered in blood like period sex”, lol! Wow, I tripped out on that one! The joint was dope, just a different take on this track! Loved Premo scratching at the end! Classic stuff!

  • Comment from XaOn

    i like song

  • nice clip

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