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Exclusive: Showbiz & A.G. – Here & Now (Prod. by Showbiz) CDQ

We all know the great news that Showbiz & A.G. are recording again for a new album, this is the third single from that album that is now titled “Mugshot Music”. First single was called “Suspended Animation”. No release date is given, but the facts are that DJ Premier is Executive Producer of that LP. So maybe a DJ Premier production or remix will make the cut, lets hope. Now to keep the streets happy, this is the third leak from “Mugshot Music” called “Here & Now”, produced by Showbiz, mixed by DJ Premier, recorded in HeadQCourterz, enjoy:

Showbiz & A.G. – Here & Now (Prod. by Showbiz)

Contest!! Are you creative? You can now create the cover artwork for Showbiz & A.G.’s upcoming album “Mugshot Music”!! The dopest one will be selected and will see his cover on the album in the retail stores!! Send all work to Good luck!

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15 Responses to “Exclusive: Showbiz & A.G. – Here & Now (Prod. by Showbiz) CDQ”

  • Comment from Dj Nosweat

    I’m glad this is taking place with the state of Hip-Hop its good to see 2 ledgens link up and get together to make some great music. Show kept digging and digging now he got more create’s. Premo will make sure this happens. Gangstar & D.I.T.C 4ever cause life is not that long.

  • Comment from tHe_tRaNs1eNt

    Amazing beat by ShowBiz, in his signature style, I mean when ShowBiz puts out some vintage material you KNOW IT’S HIM, similar to Preme but with a unique style which I prefer slightly unless I’m just in the mood to hear Gangstarr or that GroupHome joint with brainsick mob (ShowBiz old work on soul clap ep and runaway slave is the greatest beats of all-time along with some of Preme’s work like “can’t stop the prophet” all jeru beats and “tha realness” all group home 1st album)

    ShowBiz new work sounds good where did he use those beats he put on the JooTube(youtube is owned by censorship jooze) with dj premier?? Did he use them for Krs One album (did that ever come out?) 1 support kris old work but I can’t fuck widdem nomore cos he praised the jooze on video saying record label owners aren’t bad people and they were just misunderstood, I got it recorded on mtv or bet one of em(owned by the same company controlled by jews. jewish mtv and bet are owned and controlled by jews ceo jewish).

    Andre’s verse was decent, feeling the first verse on God is force more though, I think on this one the track sort of outshines the mc, which I’m not used to with this duo usually it’s 50/50.

    Just being honest here. A.G. one is in my top 3 MC’S ALL-TIME. But I feel like it’s been overkill with the street tough talk and standoffishness in his rhymes (I mean some of it I enjoy that’s why I say overkill meaning too much). I mean saying you’re the best and people better recognize it is one thing and I can appreciate an MC like AG who’s not afraid to say it, but don’t be so SERIOUS about it ALL THE TIME. Compare the bragging he does on “Giant in the Mental” or “Silence the Lambs” to this track, on RS much more lighthearted and flows more diverse and free-flowing in telling you he’s the shit. The feeling you get from this new one and some others recently is “either say I’m great or I will shoot you dead in the street” .. yais I know that we can’t go back to Runaway Slave that vibe is not around anymore I get that, but I’m just tellin you the vibe I get is that he’s taking the lack of credit being given too personally and focusing on it too much and should just relax more on the track (and we should all know already that ShowBiz and A.G. are CRIMINALLY underrated). UNLESS, HE wants to focus on EXACTLY WHO is responsible for his being criminally underrated…

    and that is THE JEW. The gefiltheeist piece of slime you have ever come in contact with. It is a parasitic,rat-faced,kiken vermin form of life and there only purpose is to subvert and convert creative individuals into greedy bloodsucking vampires on society who’s malevolence toward humanity knows NO BOUNDARIES.

    I also don’t appreciate the nas reference, because hey, I don’t like nas as a person. He souled out to the coward kikes or else he’s just a plain idiot just like gay z and kangay wetht. Plus, when has he ever shouted out or gave credit to ShowBiz and AG?? and yall came before him and he owes you credit, straight up.

    But if you talk shit about the parasitic jewish scum controlling the media, the record industry, hollywood, all levels of education, the government, and false flag 911 operations geared towards putting us into wars that benefit the jew and only the jew at human expense, that will make me happy.

    IF you know that you are the shit, just be it, you don’t have to get defensive jas tell niggas to act like they know. Fuck yo I really am excited about you two getting back together but this is a different era and I’m not feeling the super-thug street vibe no more man, it has to be above that petty street. Then again when I think about it Show and A has always, in a sense, reflected the streets. But right now the streets is on some bullshit, more ignorant then ever before thanks to the kike media sending them down a road of hedonistic ritualistic murder of each other that leads them up the river or worse, with shit all in their pants or shitbags for life, I had to say fuck that cos if neggas wan be cuttroat for a reason that’s one thing but not just for the dollar bill, 1 grew up poor and 1 could nEvEr see the truth and then collaborate with the kike in dividing humanity in order to gain more control allowing the kike parasite to feed off it’s host more readily using less energy. But I realize some ppl aint reached that point yet of being able to see reality for what it is and what form of death is currently in control of our media and minds making you reject what I’m saying as “anti-semetism”, I need to be more patient myself.

  • Comment from Daniel

    I like the cover-contest-idea!

  • Comment from patient

    yeah tHe_tRaNs1eNt you aint antisemetic u just misunderstood haha


  • I’m not anti-semetic, I’m anti-jewish (Palestinians and other arabs are semetic as well so you show your ignorance there, but I’m not pro-arab either, I’m Pro-Human which includes all of the human race, excluding the jew which is not human because it is without a human conscience).

    If you want to step to me, the internet is not that place for that. I am simply uncovering information that has been hidden by the rat-faced jewish paraste. IF you have a problem with that you are likely a jew or in league with the kike. Again, the internet is not the place to get your thug on, child.

    Peace to ShowBiz and A.G. and DJ Premier, 1 hope to gain your assistance, your talent and creativity is of high value to the human cause.

  • Comment from kam

    hummmm…i thought i was on djpremierblog and about to hear some show & ag new shit and i read some nazi motherfucker shit, im anti sionist but get off that negationist bullshit kid…

  • Comment from Laughing

    wow some hateful shit right here, grow up kid, open your eyes

  • Comment from gimantalon

    I deleted his new reactions (which was a book long), it’s all good he has an opinion about jews and muslims and what other shit religions you have in this world. but this is just not the place to write it. I guess my religion is Hip Hop ha!

  • Comment from kam

    lol thats what i wrote on facebook!

  • Comment from patient

    praise hip hop, amen

  • Comment from Sinosure

    Were back to the ole’ Show & A.G. of the “Runaway Slave” times! Love the beat & classic A.G. flow!

  • Comment from jaymaican

    I know it’s not possible to have something similar to runaway slave but i(m disapointed for years by AG’s flow. I was literally drinking his rhymes, now it’s really difficult for me to hear a complete song .it’s the 3rd song I hear from the album and we can’t say that we’re bac to their classic beat and flow sorry sinosure

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    This shit is FIRE…. Dope…

  • Comment from DISTRAKT

    Can’t believe I missed this contest!!!!

  • Comment from lt

    tHe_tRaNs1eNt – All i’m gonna say is that you souns like the ignorant one to me- you cant even spell anti-semitic AND you don’t know that anti-semitism is ONLY defined as hatred towards Jews…. 0_o

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