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Exclusive: Mac Miller – Face The Facts (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

Here you have the much anticipated collaboration between DJ Premier and upcoming young rhyme star Mac Miller:

Mac Miller – Face The Facts (Prod. by DJ Premier)

From his upcoming mixtape “92 Til Infinity” hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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53 Responses to “Exclusive: Mac Miller – Face The Facts (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ”

  • Comment from kam

    dont feel the kid, he knows his hip hop but some of his previous shit dont match my HH criterias. Beat is hella dope though , i hear some of Jeru’s One Day in it…

  • Comment from fiyaaa

    damn premo beats are always on point , and mac miller did his thing

  • just give me the instrumental. Damn this is dope!

  • Comment from mick

    good beat , but mac miller is fucking GARBAGE

  • Comment from Rob

    Not really feelin Mac Miller, but I’m lovin the cuts and scratches on this, and the beats not too bad either

  • Comment from DaBig6

    Ain’t no special shit, ain’t no bangin’ stuff. It’s a smooth beat at all, but not a dope track.

  • Comment from JJ

    Shocked Primo worked with Mac Miller, obviously he wants some street cred and Primo can work with a high profile artist. Not feeling Miller. Very tight beat though!

  • Comment from dave

    another mumbling rapper , remember when mc’s voices had presence, i.e chuck d, rakim , kane.

  • Comment from hustler305

    its aight but mac miller could of came better lyrically

    i could see the God MC Rakim murdering this beat nah mean

  • Comment from Strech

    DAAAAAAM I miss Guru truly. Love the scratches on this joint. Im just gonna go play some Gang starr on my ipod cause this aint cutting it. Cant wait to hear you with Nas again Premo

  • Comment from mike

    who wants to listen to some 18 year old. not me. i miss when premo worked with real mcs (jeru , nas , oc , rakim , krs one)

  • Comment from Justin


  • Comment from MAARTN

    This shit sucks, the beat and scratches are very dope.
    But Mac fucks up the song…

  • Comment from Larry Dallas

    92 til Infinity??…Souls of Mischief must be feeling jipped! LOL! I’ve been on the fence with Mac Miller. He is alright, nothing to brag about, yet I rather listen to him, over Cheezy Weezy anyday!

  • Comment from Nasty

    why people be hating on Mac?!! Mac is dope…couldve done better on this track….he aint rapping about the same shit every other rapper is…he talks about what he knows best. obviously you guys not paying attention. to each his own though. peace

  • Comment from AntiAsh

    This track is awsome. Mac Miller’s rhymes sounded thousands of times better than Game’s though. Artist’s rhyme wise: Fastlane (Edo G), You (Evidence), Vigilantes, (Venom), Second Place (Royce Da 5’9″), Stop What Ya Doin (Apathy & Celph Titled), 25th Hour (Reks), Shock & Amaze (Prop Dylan), Writer’s Block (Bad Meets Evil), 4 Tha Record (Teflon), Gangster (Bushido), Face The Facts, and any other Preem joint I missed to name stomps Born In Tha Trap. BITT beat was ill though, but Preem never disappoints. The Immortal Technique, Nas, Torae, Etc. Preem joints gonna smash that track too.

  • Comment from rollo

    wack miller is trash!

  • Comment from TC

    this is the reason why hip hop WAS dying cause of haters like you guys who can’t respect young hip hop artist that actually are good but your head is too far up your butt so all you smell is shi! Let the hip hop live Most Dope Thumbs UP!

  • Comment from damn Preem

    fuck this cat..that flow is trash. you aint down b, even with a premo track. im a say good nite to premo if this keeps up. drake will b the nail in the coffin for me and i literally collected everything premo has done since the no more mister nice guy lp. stay in your lane Preem these cats are not worthy

  • Comment from Real Talk

    true facts is this, Primo laced a dope track here and Miller rhymed a free style sounding song, sounded like a freestyle, not really impressive but it is what it is. He made a big name for himself which should be commended, which brings more attention back to Premier which is always a good thing. The die hard Primo fans get mad because a track like this in the past would have been laced by a legend and would be timeless. Premier is one of the best producers in hip-hop history and the fans expect alot from rappers who get the privlige to work with him. Primo is his own man and handles his business, he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do and in the end you need to respect the architect.

  • Comment from Kev

    This is a very good hip hop song. Stop hating on the kid!!!

  • Comment from Pgh2221

    Beat is tight and Mac crushed it.. All yinz hating on Mac cant realize talent. Don’t hat the kid because Pittsburgh is hot right now with Wiz, Chevy, Mac, and Tolly…

  • Suprised Preem could tolerate this Mcee spitting on this beat…
    I am sure he didnt track this session vocals.. Feeling the beat tho!!

  • Comment from MAZA

    Nice minimal beat. But i think this vocals are experimental right???
    It sounds far from being a final track.

    qAnyway Preemo is a producer, is the bizznez… im shure whoever schedule a meeting with him,if it become a deal, can make a Preemo track. Just gotta Pay the Price!!!

  • Comment from mike

    tc fuck off with that hater shit. the guy is crap. older heads will remember back in the day that if you didnt have skills you wouldnt make it through the door, but now if you say anything bad about someone your a hater. what a load of bullshit.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    This beat is dope as hell. So smooth yet it still has that classic Premo bounce. It’s been a while since I’ve heard Premo use such heavy basslines. Scratches are dope too. I keep rewinding back and forward just to hear the scratches lol.

    Mac Miller is okay. His flow and his lyrics are nice, but I really hate how he never changed his voice throughout the entire track. It made the track sound too lackluster and it didn’t have any kind of variety.

  • Comment from KEV IN DC

    YO PREME…You hooked that kid up with that track…NICE

  • Comment from jaymaican

    ahhhhhhh!!! oh sorry I fell asleep, maybe ’cause of that white dude flow and voice. got damn, why this is not apathy on that beat ?
    guru told us before : if your voice ain’t dope then you need to chill. talk about ganstarr mac miller ?so you’d better learn your classics . Didn’t know 50 cent have a white little brother …

  • Comment from polo249

    fuck me…mac miller’s so fucking lame!!!! why oh why would a legend like premo work with him??? beats good but not a classic. dam i could name 500 other rappers that would have sounmded better over that!!

  • Comment from bbhoy

    this guy is trash, premo get the nygz album already

  • Comment from ash

    I need to get this instrumental!! it’s sick!! hook me up!!

  • Preem laced it as usual. But LOL at you guys saying Mac sucks. He’s not Rakim. But he doesn’t suck of course compared to Wack-a Flaca of today, Barney’s theme song makes him a great rapper. But as one guy said he needs to work on his vocal projection on the mic. To give him the mic presence he needs.

  • Comment from Confidence

    agreed with almost every comment. Mac Miller can sit down with his weak ass…Props for him getting out there and doing his thing but no need for premo to work with this cat unless he’s getting paid out the yinyang…like other’s have mentioned it’s mostly the voice and other cats could have murdered this beat, not some high pitch scrawny white kid rhyming with his PA accent…

  • Comment from ant

    this guy sounds like the twats who rap over premo beats on youtube. is there a good mc under 30? i cant think of one.

  • Comment from large d

    mac miller is a piss poor mc. premo please get back to producing for real mc’s (rakim , nas , j-live , oc , krs-one, jeru, kane) like you did in the 90’s.

  • Comment from Gunner Jam

    I don’t care what anyone says, this is a great track. Mac Miller has a smooth laid back flow. Preemo delievers another great sound particularly the cuts. I’m definetly impressed.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I don’t think Mac Miller ruined anything. Good track, great beat.

  • Comment from jaymaican

    mcs without a voice should write a book !!! words from a great laid back flow, mr slow flow evidence who did his thing on primo track compared to mac miller . i’ve no problem with the fact he’s 18 and white ( i was 18 …..13 years ago and I ‘ m white ). his voice and flow are just boring

  • Comment from bobby

    To me it sounds really good, so why are hating on him? Probably not his best track, but still dope!

  • Comment from Jean Ferrrat

    – Me: Have you heard that new stuff?
    – Barack Obama, hanging up : Yo Sarah. I know you are attracted by black men but I won’t have sex with you, end of discussion. Ask Preem. bye
    – Me: Yo Barack, would you listen?
    – Barack Obama: wot?
    – Me: Have you heard that new sound?
    – Barack Obama: of course I have. It’s fucking dope. The beat is sick as hell…thrilling me bro !
    – Me: ….
    – Barack Obama: I mean the rhyme, the flow and all that. fucking dope. give me that phone, I’m gonna call Llyods Bank and 50 to tell them i love their track…
    – Me: but man, it’s a preemo track, with Mac Miller….
    – Barack Obama: oh sh*t. if even Preemo starts doing garbage accepting average artist, America is really doomed
    – Me: sh*t
    – Barack Obama: send the S.W.A.T. to shut down Headzquarterz, it’s an order.. I will sign-off for a re-opening when I hear a new Nas-Preem collabo.
    – Me: have you really made your mind? haven’t you overlooked anything?
    – Barack Obama: oh yes thanks. I’m Barack Obama and I APPROVE THIS ORDER !

    more seriously, let’s say i didn’t press rewind (it doesn’t mean it is a poor production). As someone said i guess we all dream of great collabos like in the past , but it’s just a dream because ….NOBODY cares about the streets anymore. Street is over.
    Nas (and others) was rapping on their dead friends shot on the streets. what do you expect today? to listen (even) a good rapper rhyming on how his ipod was stolen and how happy he is to have a macbook automatic back-up?
    the drama in the projects back in the days brought an unexpected outcome : masterpieces in rap. now that eveything is “cleaner”, that minds are more focused on Gucci outfits and FB credibility, what could you expect? nothing, but as always everybody got to eat so no need to be unhappy or happy, that’s the way it is.
    This track will be forgotten as quick as a flash, and if pressed on wax records, those will be used as freesbee, my 2 cents.
    I’m gonna take my house of Pain vinyl and listen “I’m swing it”, i need my daily dose of real dope hardcore sh*t πŸ˜‰

  • Comment from rollo

    Jean Ferrrat that was funny shit keep bringing it!

    On the real wack miller must have his lil public relations team working the comments here
    defending his wack ass.

  • Comment from killer dope

    never seen so many comments , but no wonder mac miller sucks big sweaty balls

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat


    all pleasure mine, glad you liked it πŸ˜‰

  • Comment from jaymaican

    wassup jean ferrat , thought you died last year … can you send me an autograph for my grandma?
    seriously, rappers have not always been only about the streets : afrocentricity, 5%, nation of islam, social issues, I grew up with this hip hop . it’s clear that nas won’t talk anymore bout his dead homies , but he’s not black anymore ? is the black community so happy in usa that none of dem rappaz can’t talk about social issues .to my mind rappers can talk about someting else than fashion shit even without being “street”. great rap collabo are still possible
    I keep the faith , hip hop bless us

  • Comment from rollo


    keep in mind babylon controls hip hop.

    rappers still talk about the street but clear channel only airs ignorance to feed the beast. Nas is a business he has alimony to pay, so he’s gonna stay pop or risk losing it all. Whitey is always watching.

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    don’t want to lose ppl here…for the readers Jean Ferrat indeed died last year. He was a French ‘pop’ singer against the system, he did his thing for more than 30 years in critizing the system, the radio and their programmation (like DJ premier), the capitalism…as i said to my friend, he was “the first rapper”

    So when you say “wassup jean ferrat , thought you died last year … can you send me an autograph for my grandma?” it makes me think about the young cats that would say “big L? that’s Old School papy !”. I think you got my point, no offense taken though, you was joking πŸ˜‰

    Otherwise yes I am also waiting for great collabo, I’ve got faith too, but what we are (all?) realizing here is that even Primo touch is not enough, unfortunately (who would have thought that one day I would say that).
    Look the late Primo collab, which one really thrilled you? only a few. Beats are tremendous and can’t be challenged no question (hey that’s primo) but the lyrics, even delivered by great lyriscists, are pretty poor.
    Best beat last year : Soulkast. hmmm Ok. but lyrics are crap. OK I bought the vinyl for the beat (but being French let me tell u the lyrics are even more crap that you can’t even imagine). look at my previous posts in this forum : newcomer rappers are focused on shouting the name “premier” to let us know they made it…this young cat here is no exception, 1st verse : primo. Bingoooo !!!

    the last thrill (I mean like an orgasm) I’ve got from a Preemo collabo is the one with Smiley the Ghetto Child…why? because as a Nas track like “NY state of mind” bak in the days, it made me look. Evidence track? very nice but not a classic, made me look nothing πŸ™‚

    but c’est la vie, better get used to it (actually I don’t haha).

    PS : I’m not a hater, anyone deserving an “hat down” will get it from me, no question. I don’t discriminate white, black, yellow, muslim, jew , buddhist, atheist rappers etc… Premier used to say “if you dope, you dope” or sth like that, didn’t he πŸ˜‰

    PS : think of me the day your child will ask you if they could play freesbee with that Mc Miller record. trust me you won’t hesitate a min to say “go ahead sweetie” πŸ™‚

  • Comment from jaymaican

    hi jean ferrat, I was joking because I’m french too, I really know who is jean ferrat, that’s why I remenber he died last year. So I was really surprised to see such a “nom de plume ” like that here and my grandparents were really fans .
    totally agree for soulkast, 1rst time I was even not sure he was rapping in french .
    don’t you speak about I’m legend from smiley the ghetto child ? coz I love dat song too. i also agree with your point of view on the collabos , when you’re born in hiphop ( such as me) at the age of 11 listening to gangstarr and growing with all those ill collabos , I can only cry when I listen to macmiller.
    but c’est la vie
    wordz from a 31 years old white french dude

  • Comment from Sean

    Hate to say this- but this kid cannot rap. His voice is WEAK, poor flow, really mediocre lyrics. Beat is aite… def not preem @ his best. Still love the guy though.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    beat is nuts, I want the instrumental version asap..
    the cuts are on point as always, this is probably my fav premo beat this year so far (that shabeeno track “what it iz” will take it tho..)
    no need to hate on mac miller, and those who say he can’t rap, listen to the rhyme patterns, the lyrics are nice, this ain’t as horrible as some of you state..
    very enjoyable track, you can feel that he appreciates the opportunity workin with preem

  • Comment from mtllou75

    luv the beat if u like the game track u should like this! mac miller + game are the same commercial pop rap, I remember listening to the Group Home album when it first came out and wondered why better rappers didnt rap on beats same thing here. just glad 2 hear new preem. Sadly lyrics dont sell nomore so watchugonna do. Every mainstream rapper rhymes like dwayne carter nowadays maybe im just getting old(36) but i still luv hearing new preem. Miller aint bad he just aint that good lol but he did he’s thing. Props, I bump all the shit he’s let out this year better than 95% of the hiphop out there, keep lacing us primo with ur beatz hip hop needs u!!!!!

  • Comment from Mitch 3K

    Wack Miller, beats straight tho

  • Comment from Ed Cane III

    The white boy is wack!!!

  • Comment from dingo

    cool some of these young dudes appreciate the real and not just want to rap over some 808 clap crap.

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