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Live From HeadQCourterz (10/03/2014)

Bars in the Booth: Bumpy Knuckles (Session 6)

M.O.P. – Heistmasters (Still At It) (Prod. by DJ Skizz) (Scratches by DJ Premier)

From the upcoming M.O.P. EP “Street Certified”, I’ve heard the version on the EP will be without the scratches. This is was M.O.P. has to say about it:

Billy Danze: You know, that’s traditional M.O.P. We want to make sure we keep everybody in tune even though we’ve come of age now and we’re getting a little bit older in the game, that’s our background. That’s how we ate for years. Like, we literally had to go out and take it to eat. So that’s what we did. It’s that M.O.P. thing, man. It’s that “Ante Up.” And a lot of times it’s not about take like “take what you have off.” It’s about “Ante Up,” like, ante up those props. Give us what we deserve.

Lil’ Fame: I went to my boy’s crib (DJ Skid) to do some other shit and he wound up playing that beat. What I like about walking in my boy Skid’s crib, he always got something on the machine that he just made. I always just press a button and that joint was playing. Heist Masters was just a story about what we used to do before we started rapping, about robbery and shit like that. I put the story together and we ran with that shit.

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PRhyme’s “Raiders of the Lost Art” Documentary Pt. 2

DJ Premier Shares Thoughts on Cosby Rape Allegations

While promoting, PRhyme, his collaborative project with Royce Da 5’9, HHW caught up with DJ Premier to get his thoughts on the Cosby allegations:

Man, its so weird because all the years his image has been so not tarnished, and you know now that he’s 77 and this comes out and it goes from just one person to two people — to 15 girls. And you know we don’t have real facts, we were not in the rooms with these girls. No matter what they say, till the court of law says you are guilty, you have to always ride with it and say, ‘Yo, you are still cool till proven otherwise. And you know it’s weird that now after all these years something like this will come out and you look at all the body of work he’s done, from Fat Albert to even The Cosby Show and those things gave our people something to make ‘em want to strive for greatness. I would hope that at the end of all this, it does not turn out to be 100 percent true because it would be hypocritical of him to push all of these agendas, especially the whole thing with rappers and how they should watch their language all that stuff — and then turn around you are doing something crazy like that. Let’s hope that he comes out with a clean slate, and I’m sure in the wash that will come out, if it’s dirt still in the machine then we will know. I love Bill Cosby, I’m a big fan. Always will be and you know, same thing with R. Kelly, I still love his music despite the sh– he went through, it’s not like now your music does not mean anything to me. Let’s hope that he isn’t tarnished at the end of this, because they are not gonna ease up on him, they are gonna see how real this sh– is, so let’s hope he can clean it up and prove us wrong. Right now, I only believe the facts and that’s all you can go by.


I had my doubts posting this, but yeah. TMZ shit.

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Royce Da 5’9″, DJ Premier & Adrian Younge Break Down Their “PRhyme” Project (Video)

Exclusive: R.I.P. D&D/HeadQCourterz Studios (1984 – 2014)

Fuck! Crazy news from 320 west 37th Street, Manhatten aka HeadQCourterz Studios, formerly known as the legendary D&D Studios. Exactly 30 years after D&D was founded by Douglas Grama and David Lotwin it has to close its doors. It’s known thanks to the artists that recorded music at the studios like Madonna, Dee-Lite, Foxy Brown, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Jeru The Damaja, KRS-One, Big L, Joe Budden, and Black Moon, among others. But its mostly known as the home studio of DJ Premier.

But in 2003 D&D closed and nobody was prepared to take it over except DJ Premier & Charles Roane, I remember him saying it was a risky choice because there was a lot of money involved and I think he even had to sell his house. But he followed his heart and bought it. I also remember he held in 2003 a big sale because it needed renovation for HeadQcourterz Studios. He renamed the studio to a fallen friend of him.

And now after 30 years some rich investor bought up the whole building to put apartments in it. Not many details are available but DJ Premier stays there till the end of 2014. And no word on what will happen with the studio next, but I’m sure this is not the end… Only the end at the legendary 320 west 37th Street. DJ Premier planning on leaving the building with a farewell documentary that goes along with an album. Would be dope with the former D&D artists on it! …Sad day for hip hop…

I wrote various articles about the studio in my blogging history, check:

History behind HeadQcourterz Studios

Tales From D&D Studios


DJ Premier Mentions BDP’s “Criminal Minded” as Best Album of All Time

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PRhyme (DJ Premier & Royce da 5’9″) – Courtesy (Music Video)

Live From HeadQCourterz (09/26/2014)