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Exclusive: R.I.P. D&D/HeadQCourterz Studios (1984 – 2014)

Fuck! Crazy news from 320 west 37th Street, Manhatten aka HeadQCourterz Studios, formerly known as the legendary D&D Studios. Exactly 30 years after D&D was founded by Douglas Grama and David Lotwin it has to close its doors. It’s known thanks to the artists that recorded music at the studios like Madonna, Dee-Lite, Foxy Brown, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Jeru The Damaja, KRS-One, Big L, Joe Budden, and Black Moon, among others. But its mostly known as the home studio of DJ Premier.

But in 2003 D&D closed and nobody was prepared to take it over except DJ Premier & Charles Roane, I remember him saying it was a risky choice because there was a lot of money involved and I think he even had to sell his house. But he followed his heart and bought it. I also remember he held in 2003 a big sale because it needed renovation for HeadQcourterz Studios. He renamed the studio to a fallen friend of him.

And now after 30 years some rich investor bought up the whole building to put apartments in it. Not many details are available but DJ Premier stays there till the end of 2014. And no word on what will happen with the studio next, but I’m sure this is not the end… Only the end at the legendary 320 west 37th Street. DJ Premier planning on leaving the building with a farewell documentary that goes along with an album. Would be dope with the former D&D artists on it! …Sad day for hip hop…

I wrote various articles about the studio in my blogging history, check:

History behind HeadQcourterz Studios

Tales From D&D Studios


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5 Responses to “Exclusive: R.I.P. D&D/HeadQCourterz Studios (1984 – 2014)”

  • Comment from C-MC

    SMH so many classics where recorded here and me as an MC was a dream to record here but now that dream is shattered :/ R.I.P. D&D Studios

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  • Comment from krudanze

    what the fuck!? nooooooooooo :'(

  • Comment from DJ Senor Smoke

    I remember working there as an intern back in the late 90’s when Hard to Earn was being made. The smell of blunts permanently embedded in the walls. Seeing so much talent on a day to basis. Lil’ Dap ordering 100 bucks of food from the tick tock diner then telling the delivery guy to fuck off when he brought it. Run DMC and Buckshot playing pool in the back room, the vending machine with Phillies in it, the nasty beat up couches in the B Studio. Up late at night listening to Preem do and re do kick drum patterns on beats til he got them exactly the way he wanted them. The back room with so many classic reels. The cranky studio managers weird mullet and tight jeans. walked in to a session of DITC once and Big L was freestyling, f–king mezmerizing to listen to. Talking music with the always friendly Evil D and Mr. Walt. RIP D and D studios thanks for all the great music.

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