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Behind The Scenes of the D&D Documentary (Pics)

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Sadly, this is DJ Premier’s last day at his home recording studio. To honor the legendary studio they are making a documentary and an album about it, so here are some pics of the people who are involved. Props to the original owners David Lotwin and Doug Grama for the pictures.

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2 Responses to “Behind The Scenes of the D&D Documentary (Pics)”

  • Comment from W.J. Snyder


    Re: Untold Story about the killing.

    Who were the real owners of old D&D Record? This is a real old record label. Whether this was a contracting killing over this record label D&D or someone did not pay? You must research all facts. You will find the answer.

    It appears that were white owners of the old D&D Record label or other owners? These are some of names of the old songs & artists under D&D Record label for 45 RPM records:
    1. Tell Me Why and Any Time, songs by Bud Roman and The Hal Lomen Orchestra.
    2. Cry and Be My Life Companion song by Mini Martel The Hal Lomen Orchestra.
    3. The Little White Cloud that Cried, Shrimp Boats song by Nancy Brookes & the Toppers, and The Hal Lomen Orchestra.

    I can email you these images of the records & label(D&D), after I return from my trip. You will not find this information on the internet because someone has destroyed them; but there are four non-internet dbases about this information.

    What is going on?
    ?? Notorious Big ——-> Jay Z —> Gang Starr —-> Walker —> X Five(Murdered in 2002)

    You must research fact and you will find the answer. You have bless day.

    W. J. Snyder II 6-21-2016

  • Comment from W.J. Snyder

    God will give you answer… soon

    Good night. Walter J. II

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