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EXCLUSIVE: XXL Magazine Article On Guru’s Death

The reason I post this is because the author naked celebrities contacted me to work on it, just a little, not much. Just a little because I want to give Solar as low attention as possible now to respect the family. Props to XXL Magazine!

(click on picture to see in full size…)

Rap Is Outta Control (05/30/2010)

DJ Eclipse – Rap Is Outta Control (04/18/2010)

Filled in by celebrity sex tapes DJ Premier.

Tracklist coming hot lesbian porn soon…

Guests: Torae

Vibe Producer Tournament Final: Dr. Dre Greatest Producer Of All Time

D lesbian videos amn, I should start a blog about Dr. Dre. Nah, but congrats to Dre. Nothing more to add. They both deserved it in my eyes… Hands down!

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