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Vibe Producer Tournament Final: Dr. Dre Greatest Producer Of All Time

Damn, I should start a blog about Dr. Dre. Nah, but congrats to Dre. Nothing more to add. They both deserved it in my eyes… Hands down!

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26 Responses to “Vibe Producer Tournament Final: Dr. Dre Greatest Producer Of All Time”

  • Comment from jj

    that doesn’t mean nothin…i like dre’s beats but premo is better..

    and kanye won against j dilla..its unreal…that shows how vibe works..

    mainstream magazin at its best

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    Of course, dre deserves it. But like jj said: mainstream magazine. Dre is better-known than premier. So those who don’t know premier voted dre.

  • Comment from Zarhotep

    Aight first and foremost, Much respect to dre there are only 4 producers that should be in the conversation (preme, dre, pete, rza)! So for it to either be dre or preme is only right. I have a serious problem with the result though. Even though it was fan based and I realize what I say is not gonna change the result or what vibe has done doesn’t really mean anything either. One major issue I have with him winning is that majority of what is credited to dre after a couple years of the release, it comes out that he did not even actually do the beat(dj yella/scott storch/daz/mel-man/focus/khalil/hi-tek). I understand he has that special ear and the capability of turning something into a masterpiece, BUT!!! How many preme beats have either been co-produced or done by someone else entirely. If someone has an explanation and has been listening to Hip Hop for over 2 decades than I will whole heartedly listen and debate.

  • Comment from DJ Real

    62% for Dr. Dre? Hes good, but youve got to be kidding.

    If it was Dre vs Premo live on stage Premo would destroy him. This small time internet election for who is the best does not show anything but the fact that people choose popularity over content. Kanye winning over J Dilla is a great example.

  • Comment from Josh

    DJ Premier deserved this. If they ever start a hip hop hall of fame it will be DJ Premier. He has done so much to advance hip hop, has NEVER compromised his sound and even with the sampling laws of the late 90s and all the bs that happened afterward, he has been getting consistent work every year. Dr. Dre has had to lean on and manipulate so many people it makes me sick when people say they love him. People say Dre is the best producer like people say the godfather is the best film or sgt. peppers is the best beatles album; b/c that’s what you’re supposed to say. Dre should split this award with all the people he’s jerked around over the years: DJ Yella, Colin Wolfe, Chris “The Glove” Taylor, Bud’da, Mel-Man, Eminem, Scott Storch, Mike Elizondo, Mark Batson, and seriously i’m probably missing a few names. Who cares what Vibe magazine says, the last magazine I bought was back in ’03 b/c it mentioned – you guessed it – Premier on the cover.

  • Comment from Six

    62%?? Ha-ah-ah-ah-ave so much hate, I know who I’m bumpin’ all day everyday.

  • Comment from shawamar


  • Comment from KAZAM92

    Well Dre is a legend in his own right. Nothing wrong with that. And JJ I love me some Dilla but I honestly have to say I’d prefer a Kanye beat over him.

    Primo still the GOAT to me

  • Comment from DopeTrack

    when dre use breaks
    or breaks chops
    sounded good.. back in the days..
    but nowadays..
    thos eletronic hats.. and pads..
    it SUCKS!

  • Comment from Mujay


  • Comment from BLACKSOUL

    dj premier is the greatest hiphop producer of all times ,he has more knowledge bout hiphop a more presistant and more pure sound than dre plus dre has so many people working under his name and than still this de tox album takes so many years . Dre is definitly 1 of the illest but he can,t fuck with the man himself DJ PREMIER THE REALEST ,ILLEST simply the best

  • Comment from rekiem

    this mother fucked is a Manager!
    He got musicians slave for instrument-playing and he is considerated better producer than Preemo?


  • Comment from phil

    I felt Preemo got robbed, as Buckwild said the tournament was really a popularity contest ….real Hip Hop headz know

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Honestly, who cares? The fact that Primo got to Number 2 is good enough.

    I asked an O.G. yesterday to give an opinion on what he thought was the greatest producer of all time, and he was like “on the basis of what? Naw”

    And while I think certain producers just have to be in the GOAT lists because of their track record (RZA, Premo obviously, Timbaland, etc), my man had a big point: What is this shit based on?

    Vibe isn’t comprehensively breaking down what producer what and why that person should be considered greatest. It’s just a popularity contest for the most part.

    As someone said, real heads know the deal. And Dre is one of the greats. I consider him like a Quincy Jones or Diddy of rap. Excellent, superb producer and arranger on a bigger, pop scale. It’s all good. It’s really not worth losing sleep over.

    The only thing that sucks is that Dre hasn’t released a good beat in YEARS. I cant remember the last good beat I heard from Dre. Meanwhile, Preem releases at least 2 or 3 bangers a year. It is what it is.

  • Comment from kam from france

    dre ain’t shit to preemo, preem is hip hop at his finest while dre is a mainstream businessman, he had some real shit on the beginning but nowadays if ya look on the whole career, premier is the master of this shit, more than 20 years in the game and never fucked up, although, dre supplied alot of wack beats, and actually never really impressed me (except on doggystyle) + real hedz do know premier, wannabe thugs/gangsters/mceez don’t know him and pray to dre …. so think about that …

  • Comment from jj

    seriously dre got dope beats but their not on the same level with premo!

    premier stands for pure and raw boom-bap beats at its finest…

    but premo alone is just not fair…there so many dope producers out there who are really great too. (buckwild, hi-tek, dilla rip or pete rock….to manny to list)


  • Comment from phil

    Pete Rock vs Preemo would have been a better final , but I guess they wanted East vs West …my 2 cents

  • Comment from Dick B.

    As a hip hop fan I love and respect Dr. Dre’s work and impact as everyone should with works like The Chronic, Doggystyle, and more. DJ Premier is the best of all time though (PERIOD.). I’ve never heard underground Dr. Dre. DJ Premier is really still the best producer around. Lots of people say DJ Premier slowed down and his beats sound repeatative. Name one DJ Premier beat that sounds the same as another and a non banger he has dropped recently (or ever for that matter). You can’t. Preem doesn’t sell out and if he didn’t make a beat he wouldn’t take the credit for it. As far as I’m concerned the only albums I’m looking forward to be released are Nick Javas’, NYGz’, Pete Rock VS. DJ Premier, and Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2.

  • Comment from Mike Turner

    People must realize that a lot of these magazines and radio shows are a popularity contest. Anybody in their right damn mind knows that Dre is overhyped and the simple fact that he is down with Eminem, 50 Cent, etc. is the reason why he gets so much props. His two tracks on the Raekwon album were the worst songs on the entire CD. Like someone said at the top, the contest should have only had about 10 producers
    1. Premier
    2. Rza
    3. Pete Rock
    4. Large Professor
    5. Prince Paul
    6. Erick Sermon
    7. Marley Marl
    8. J-Dilla
    9. Easy Mo Bee
    10. Clark Kent

    Speaking of Clark Kent, was he even on the list? Man, fuck Vibe.

  • Comment from Mike Turner

    Matter of fact, I forgot Beatminerz, DJ Scratch, Diamond D, Lord Finesse. I guess having that many producers were okay, but the simple fact that a lot of people don’t know who some of the people due to age is some BS.

  • Comment from Phil Watts, Jr.

    I find it so hilarious that the same mainstream media that thought Dre was worse than HITLER when he came out with NWA over 20 years ago are now sucking his dick like he cured cancer. Frankly I like the material that he put out back when he was the media’s most hated better than all the bland-ass pop shit he’s been doing now that he’s a media darling.

    Yes, I would’ve voted Premier over him in a heartbeat.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Phil Watts, isn’t that how it always is?

    Back when hip hop was shitted on for “causing the ills of society” and being “useless jungle music”, rappers were actually making some of the best music ever made.

    Now that it’s been watered down and suitable for the mainstream, all of a sudden we get opportunists who are supposedly informed about the culture yet they know nothing about it. And are only into mainstream hip hop to fit in or profit from it.

  • Comment from J Rdz

    Dre is a good producer in his own right, but he can’t hold the candle to Premo. When has Dre ever chopped an old school beat in such a way that it brings awe and disbelief(NYG’s Giants to this)? NEVER!!! Premo is straight gutter hip hop to the fullest. Dre has that main stream appeal, period…

  • Comment from Ganza JB Hunt

    Sorry but Dre has always remained a mystery to me when it comes to giving him full credit for production and soon enough the truth is going to come out whether you devoted Dre fans like it or not…I’ve even bared notice to Dre having guys like Colin Wolfe,Mike Elizondo and Scott Storch playing the ***HIDDEN*** back burner within the liner notes of his production when it says PRODUCED BY DR.DRE…There were even rumors that Dr.Dre produced Jadakiss feat.Nate Dogg’s “Time’s Up” but it turned out it was Scott Storch who did it so you tell me what was the motive behind that rumor? So I hope that Dre doesn’t think that he’s fooling anyone when it comes to full total production of a song…Even JJ Fad’s “Supersonic” says produced by Dr.Dre but behind it says co-produced by Arabian Prince and actually Arabian Prince did the beat so I guess Dre orchestrated it…My point is that Dr.Dre has been hiding all of these production secrets for years and people have been either quiet or just to scared to come out and speak up about it but like I said very sooner or later the truth is going to come out and even DJ Premier knows it himself which is why he doesn’t get into these competitions or conflicts with other producers because Premo knows what the deal is and he knows the truth as to who is the real #1 Greatest Producer of All Time…Soon enough we’ll find out if Dr.Dre has been perpetrating for all these years from behind the boards…It’s taking Detox along fucking time to come out so you tell me why that is? Is it because Dre ain’t that legendary greatest producer that everyone claims he is? Or is it because these young producers don’t wanna work or produce beats for Dr. Dre anymore because Dre keeps on slapping his name across those producers who are making those beats for him and he’s stealing of their production credit and claiming that it’s completely his!Dr.Dre is a hidden ***fraud***!!! Premo doesn’t do that,never ever did that,and never will! DJ PREMIER GREATEST PRODUCER OF ALL TIME!!! END OF STORY!!! FUCK VIBE MAGAZINE!!! THEY DID THAT SAME SHIT WITH JOE BUDDEN AND METHOD MAN…VIBE IS BULLSHIT AND IT’S A DONE AND FINISHED MAGAZINE THAT HAS FAR MORE FALSE INFORMATION THAN THE SOURCE DOES AND BOTH ARE FUCKED UP MAGAZINES RIGHT NOW IN 2010!!! FUCK A MAGAZINE AND THINK FOR YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • both are deserving if you ask me

  • Comment from PLASTERDAT

    Dre got nothing on Primo. Name me any other rapper that makes washed up and unknown rappers (Termanology for one) sound good?

    Don’t get me wrong, Dre goes hard, but Preem is on a whole nother level.

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