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Live From HeadQCourterz (05/28/10)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (05/28/10)


  1. Slum Village – Lock It Down
    Scarface – Lyrical Assault (Feat. Malice & Mr. Lo Key)
    Diamond D – Superman
    Son Of Bazerk – I Swear On A Stack Of Old Hits
    Styles P – Sellouts (Feat. Bully)
    Big Shug – Spit Six
    Jay Electronica – The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (Feat. P. Diddy)
    A.G. – Magnificent
    WC – Frontline
    Krs-One – Wolf
    Scarface – Bad Man (Feat. Papa Reu)
    Actual Proof – Skate Kidz
    Kali – Higher (Feat. Termanology)
    Sheist Bub – Give It A Rest (Feat. Streets Da Block & B’way Slim)
    Devin The Dude – All You Need
    Cimer Amor – Another Classic (Feat. Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork)
    Kool Sphere – Intro
    H. Stax – Salute To The ILL Kid
    Scarface – The N Word
    Reflection Eternal – Lifting Off

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4 Responses to “Live From HeadQCourterz (05/28/10)”

  • Comment from NotThatAll

    I listened, and downloaded one by one of those songs.

    sorry but.
    those underground producers from NY nowadays SUCKs!!!!
    i ve been listening tracks from unknow beatmakers from arround the world, and they are Rippin Shit!
    What the fuck is going on on NYC !!!!
    Only DJ Premier make hot beats???

    Every body doing the hype with your fukkin mpc 2000 xl
    while kids with a computer are making killer beats!

    That KRS beat??? C Mon Shitty Beat!
    What about Rappers r in Danja a classic like that?? Can you
    compare that shit???

    C mon you bunch of comedy!

    -Sorry Gim! lol i listen that shit since i was 13 and nowadays SUCKS! Primo is the only cat on NY who whas musical sense to make beats –

  • Comment from Wiktor

    Gim, I do belive this is your favourite Live From HQ ever 🙂

  • Comment from phil

    Hey Gim , How was your meeting with Preemo?

  • Comment from gimantalon


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