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Live From HQ Freestyle with Punchlyne & Fokis

On the last Live From HQ were Punchlyne and Fokis guests, and they made a little time for a freestyle. Rhyming over the NYGzPolicy” instrumental they get it in. Also Panchi did a classic line! A special threat for everybody:

DJ Premier – Live From HQ Freestyle (Feat. Punchlyne & Fokis)

It was a busy DJ Premier weekend so there was a buncha said on the show. Read this, there was supposed to be two more Preem joints on the new M.O.P. album. The reason they didn’t got on the album was because of the deadlines. M.O.P. went on tour and KOCH Records (who fucked up the tracklist) had their deadline. Very bad, because it was the banging shit. “What I Wanna Be” was a beat that Lil Fame really want to spit on so Premo gave him the green light, but it was original a beat Preem made in 2006 when J-Dilla died. He wanted to remember J-Dilla on his own way by making a beat that sounded like him. We all know that banging shit needs to come out, just for sake of Hip-Hop. Here you can listen to Premiers own words.

Now a funny thing, DJ Premier said that the next NYGz album -that is changed to a different title, I think it was “Hustlers Union“- is supposed to be finished at the end of september. Also his dream to work with Busta Rhymes could come out, they got in touch for that.

Now an even more funny note is that Premo designed a sneaker! He designed an Air Force One sneaker for a campaign together with DJ AM (R.I.P.). I like to wear Air Force One’s so I’m excited. Not that excited like the collectors, but pretty excited… That’s all folks!!

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